Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Jenny gave me this card that resemebles the way I look most days (except all three of these happy, beautiful kids should be girls). And on the inside it says...

They seemed like a good idea at the time, didn't they? Just Kidding!

When things get crazy and unbearable I remind myself how blessed I am to have three beautiful, healthy girls. No other job or calling did I ever dream of having, except that of a Mommy. I wouldn't trade my days spent with them for an office job or any other job. I'm rewarded more by the things they do and the things they say and my paycheck is priceless. I truly feel blessed to be called a Mother.

Here is something I found quite interesting and funny about being moms.

You Know You're a Mother When ...

You count the sprinkles on each kid's cupcake to make sure they're equal.
You have time to shave only one leg at a time.
You hide in the bathroom to be alone.
Your kid throws-up and you catch it.
Someone else's kid throws up at a party. You keep eating.
As you cling to the high moral ground on toy weapons; your child chews his toast into the shape of a gun.
You hope ketchup is a vegetable, since it's the only one your child eats.
You find yourself cutting your husband's sandwiches into cute shapes.
You hear your mother's voice coming out of your mouth when you say, "NOT in your good clothes!"
You stop criticizing the way your mother raised you.
You donate to charities in the hope that your child won't get that disease.
You hire a sitter because you haven't been out with your husband in ages, then spend half the night checking on the kids.
You use your own saliva to clean your child's face.
You say at least once a day, "I'm not cut out for this job", but you know you wouldn't trade it for anything".

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother's Day. Stay tuned for more on Tuesdays, SPT.


Mandy said...

This was a great post to read! Cute card from Jenny. Happy Mother's Day!

Jenny said...

That list of things was great. I am totally laughing about the throwing up or really even crying for that matter. It's like we can tune it out. Hope you had a great day. Can't wait for you to use your new toy :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

andrea said...

Happy Mother's Day Angie. You have so much love for your girls.

Loved the list. Loved the part about throwing up. Isn't it the truth.

Stephanie said...

Love your list. They are so true!! I'm laughing about them all. Hope you had a good Mother's Day.

sista # 2 said...

Thanks for the laugh! I love those 'lists'that we should all print out & save! The card is classic -Janae

donna said...

Love the list!!!!!

Happy mother's day

Janet said...

I loved reading your blog! Too funny! I'll remember all of those:)

Kelly A. said...

You catch throw up and use your own saliva to wipe faces! So disgusting when you put it that way but yes, it happens on a regular basis here.

One time my baby sneezed in the check out line, I didn't have anything for the green slime so I used my fingers and wiped it on my pants. It all happened so fast I didn't even think how gross it must have looked to the checker. He said under his breath "God bless mothers!"

Happy Mother's Day!

Lucy said...

I have caught vomit so many times. I just sit there and try and let it all absorb into my clothes and THEN hold still to try and make sure none gets on the carpet! I've held out my hands to try and catch it too. I remember thinking, "who am I????". Love that list! I feel like I'm part of a really cool club now!

Happy Mother's Day!

Barb said...

Kids were a good idea at the time. I really had no idea of what I was in for with motherhood, which is probably true of everyone else. Your you know you're a mother when list scares me a little, because I have a few of those yet to happen to me. Yikes.

carlo said...

oh the truth in this post. i find myself sounding like my mom more than i admit...

hope your mother's day was a great one...

Kelly said...

that card is classic!