Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Day

I almost posted about this yesterday but with a different attitude, mindset, and title. My title last night was going to be "THE ONLY THING GOOD" and I would have posted all of my good mail I have received lately. My good mail, I felt, was the only thing I could honestly say was "good" about my day. I had a rough day, one I would love to go and have a redo on. I am so glad I waited until today to post about my goods!!

With it being May, and with Mother's Day and my birthday always in the same week, it makes me feel double special. I have been the recipient of several items of good mail lately. So here is what has been dropped off for me .

Cute package from Lisa P. She sent me her favorite treat, milk duds and popcorn. The cutest cow and chicken magnets, a pig notepad, a sweet note written on a chicken card, and fun farm animal ribbon. Thanks for my fun stuff, Lisa.
Kelly A. sent me a package from Houston. I have mentioned before on my blog how Maryn has excema. Kelly has dealt with this in her home and sent me some of her favorites, Burt's Bee's, for making it better. She also told me about a great sunscreen foe sensitive skin called California Baby. I will for sure be getting this for the summer. Thanks for including the Houston postcard. I love it all.
Natasha sent me a package for my birthday month. Everyone knoes how addicted to Diet Coke I am, right? Natasha found a cool Diet Coke charm and on the back it says, "She'll see to it you get your caffiene without the calories". And at the bottom it says, "Pepsi, I think NOT!". Thanks Natasha for thinking of me drung my birthday month. The handmade card is too cute.
I got a box in the mal for Mother's Day from my in-laws. I wanted to wait until Sunday to open it, but I found my girls were too curious to wait and opened it for me. Inside was a sweet card and a Willow Tree statue of a Mother & Daughter. Thanks for my day.

Jenny brought me Peanut Butter M&M's, a cute decorated "A" for my future craft room. She also found a classic Mother's Day card, with a mom and her three screaming kids on it. Thanks for thinking of me and making me smile when not much will.

After I slept, all of my frustrations somewhat seemed smaller than before. I was able to think of many things in my life that fall into the good category, and for these I'm truly grateful.


Husband ~who works, sacrifices, gives, understands, praises, encourages, cares, cheers, lifts, and loves more than anyone I know. I often feel unworthy of his thoughtfulness and love. Thanks for everything you are and everything you do. I love you, Greg.

Kids ~who make me proud in all they do and say. They are each beautiful in her own special way. They love others and each other. They laugh and smile which melts my heart. They try their best and succeed in things they attempt.

Friends~who know just the right time to call and then know what to say or to just listen and say nothing. They treat our girls like their own when with them. They make us laugh and smile, sometimes even to the point I snort or wet my pants. They are our double date partners. They are our family when ours is far away.

Parents~who love and support us like noone else. They treat us like adults, but know when we like to be treated like their kids(taken out to dinner, $$ stashed in my purse after leaving their house...). They shaped us into the people we are today and think they did a pretty darn good job.

Times~spent with our girls. Laughing, smiling, crying, playing, hanging out. Times spent with Greg. As of late, time together has been in short supply. Last night Jenny & Doug took are girls so we could grab a quick bite to eat. Nothing fancy or planned, but definitely nice to sit and chat just the two of us. Watching our favorite TV shows together as been lacking too, so we sat down last night and ate ice cream while we watched a little on the tube. Good times!

Life~is going well around our house. When I look at all we are undertaking, I realize how fortunate and blessed our life is. We can see the end of our long journey. It is so close it is almost scary. We have three beautiful and good daughters. We have each other and the love we share together has never been stronger. We have many great friends who are like family to us. Our parents and siblings are always just a phone call away and lend their support and love always. We have many great memories of times spent with everyone we care about and love. Life is for sure GOOD!


jenny c. said...

I am so glad you had a better day!

Cute good mail, this is getting me excited for your birthday next week.

Love ya to pieces!!

Natasha said...

Liked readings all your "Goods." Fun good mail for birthday and Mother's Day too. Glad you liked your little b'day gift.

Stephanie said...

Great post!! I love all of your "good mail". When is your b'day because mine is on the 14th. I love all of the "goods" in your life. It helped me to think about my own and be thankful for all that I have. Happy B'day!!

donna said...

SWEET "good mail".

What a great post. I hope you have a wonderful b-day :)

Barb said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day! Glad your week turned around.

kristi brooke said...

that charm is awesome!

love seeing good mail.

Kelly A. said...

I didn't know your birthday was near when I sent the stuff. I'm so glad I procrastinated sending it for a whole month. And I'm glad yours didn't go the way of Jenny's.

Happy Birthday!

Michelle A. said...

I loved this post about all things "good". Happy Birday to you and hope you are having an especially happy Mother's Day! :-)

Angie said...

Stephanie my birthday is May 17th. I hope you have a great birthday on Monday.

carlo said...

what a wonderful post. loved the good mail adn the good list.

popcorn and milkduds? yum!

burts bees= so good.

so glad that you had a good day...