Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Poppy


Today is my dad's 64th birthday. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday when we surprised him with a crawfish boil. The girls and I went home Friday evening for it and came back early Sunday morning. Greg wasn't able to go with us because he was on call the weekend. We had a fun time and the girls were in their element being spoiled by Poppy & Grammy and playing with their cosuins.
Poppy, we love you and hope you have a great day. We are so glad we were able to be with you this weekend. Thanks for being you.
Here are some things that make him who he is and why we love him.
1 He has been married to Grammy for nearly 40 years
2 He was in the Army
3 He is an only child
4 He only weighed 125 pounds when he married Grammy
5 He still looks younger than his age(doesn't age very much)
6 He knows how to water ski
7 He loves to hunt
8 He loves to fish
9 He is a teaser
10 He is funny
11 He honors his Priesthood
12 He loves all of his grandchildren
13 Others always come first
14 He is rarely late
15 He loves riding his fourwheeler
16 He loves to go camping
17 He loves to be on the go
18 He enjoys traveling
19 He lost his two front teeth while playing a church softball game
20 He injured his knee while playing football and has a huge scar to prove it
21 He can fix most things
22 He works on cars
23 He is a handyman around the house
24 He is semi-retired
25 He retired from working in a gas plant about 15 years ago
26 He now works by doing carpentry and trim work on new homes
27 He does lawncare on the side, too
28 He helped build the house I grew up in
29 He is essentially rebuilding the same house after Hurricane Rita hit it hard
30 Even though he could use help doing it he has done most of the work himself
31 He has a two cows and he calls one of them crazy Judy(she has a crazy mean streak in her)
32 He feeds my mom's cousin's horses and cows twice a day (the cousin was paralized and can no longer do it, after falling off his house removing a tree from the hurricane)
33 He is a 100% hometeacher always!
34 He got this trait from his Dad
35 He is huggable
36 He is kissable
37 He always gave us piggy back rides to bed every night
38 He was my rollercoaster partner when I was little
39 He knows how to garden
40 He was always Daddy never Dad

41 Now we just call him Poppy
42 Held each of his grandchildren just minutes after being born
Poppy and Mackenzi 1997
Poppy and Maci 2000
Poppy and Maryn 2004
43 He eats a Chris Madrid hamburger almost everytime he comes to San Antonio
44 He is somewhat quiet and reserved
45 But he loves to joke and pull pranks on people
46 He used to only drink Dr. Pepper now he switched to diet sodas
47 He drives, what my girls call a monster truck (F250)
48 He always wants to drive a new car or truck
49 He has a thick Texas accent
50 When my girls visit him they come home with a little southern drawl
51 He loves to watch bull riding both in person or on TV
52 His favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption(the edited TV version)
53 He likes to watch Law & Order
54 Most nights you can find him in his recliner watching reruns
55 Some of those nights he will have a foldover peanut butter sandwich
56 Other nights he will dip cornbread in milk like most people do cookies
57 He loves to eat
58 He definitely passed this trait on to me
59 He is short for a man, 5' 8"
60 I can wear his flip flops
61 He has bird legs
62 He smirks when he smiles
63 He likes to go to the beach
64 He is loved a ton and loves us in return
We love you!!


becca said...

This is so sweet it makes me get teary eyes! He sounds like a wonderful "daddy" and "poppy"! What a great tribute to him!

Art said...

Happy Birthday Poppy we love you ArtJessica Caleb And Baileigh

Kelly A. said...

So sweet.

The Maci picture is awesome! She looks like he just told her a good joke and she's cracking up at the punchline. So cute!

Happy Birthday to your dad.

carlo said...

oh i so adore birthday tributes! happy birthday to your poppy!c

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Art! YOu found so many great photos Ang. Hope he had a great weekend!

michelle said...

I love a man who can fix most anything! Add to that that he honors his Priesthood and he held all his grandkids minutes after they were born? He sounds like the perfect dad!

Anonymous said...