Thursday, April 12, 2007

Big S Little s

Sonic Sodas, Sunshine & Super breezy. Sweet or Sick. Spring, Seven 1/2 & Sleeping. Shadows & Several Sweet items of Good Mail. Single & Starving. Survivor & a Super Sweet and Spiritual Mackenzi. These are things that begin with S.

Sonic Sodas Yes this is a Sad case. Jenny and I got our huge Route 44 Diet Cokes on the way to park play day. We decided to leave them in the car so the other girls wouldn't see how addicted we are. Of course, when we got back in the car all of the ice was melted, and our Sanity Savers were flat and yucky. We stopped back at Sonic, on the way home and asked for refills so we each had 88 oz. of Soda to bring home. The Sad thing is I didn't even drink a 1/3 of one of them. They just weren't that great today.

Sunshine There was an abundance of Sunshine today. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and Sat out to catch a few rays after my afternoon walk.

Super breezy It has been super breezy today, which made my walk a bit difficult and made my face and hair feel like I rode cross country on a Harley.

Spring is out in full force this week. After our thirty degree Easter weekend is a very welcomed Sight.

Seven & 1/2 miles(3 mile mornign walk 4 1/2 mile afternoon walk/run)of exercise today. Please don't call me crazy! I feel the need to work off all of the Sweets and Snacks I eat on a daily basis.

Sleeping I couldn't pass up being outdoors this afternoon so I decided to drag Maryn on a Second walk/run. She lasted about twenty minutes and then gave up and was Sawing logs by the time I made it back home.

Shadows were everywhere we turned today which always makes me smile.
Several items of Good Mail have been Sent my way lately. I just now have gotten around to documenting it all. Anne sent me a cute notepad. Janae sent me Sweet note and a cute sticky note pad, Allison sent me awesome Stuff from her recent trip to Sunny Hawaii. Bridget Spoiled me yet again with a notebook, ribbon, & lotion. Kristi sent me one of her fat free chocolate bunny cards. I got a thank you card from my friend Tara and a cute Easter card from Natasha. Thanks for thinking of me and making me Smile.

Sweet or Sick Some of you may view this as a Sweet picture but others may see it as Sick. But whatever category this picture falls into for you, it makes the Sad category around here. We found out last week that Maryn is allergic to dogs and our Cocker Spaniel Nikki may be contributing to Maryn's eczema. We sent her to live with Greg's parents for a while to see if we can get her skin problems under control. Everyday Maryn wants to know if we are going to pick up Nikki and I have to break her little heart and say no, not today. Hopefully Maryn will get better and she soon will out grow her allergies and Nikki can come back home.
Single, Sad, Starving & Survivor I'm a Single Mom today Shuttling kids to and fro while Greg is on call. This always makes my day a little longer and me a little Sad. Luckily the girls are all now Sleeping. I'm Starving so I'm about to indulge myself in a late night Snack, while I watch Survivor.

Sweet & Spiritual Mackenzi My heart is bursting right now. I went into to tuck Mackenzi in and I found her kneeling down saying her prayers. This isn't the first time I have "caught" her doing this but this time it brought tears to my eyes. Lately, I have wondered if my girls "get" anything we try and teach them. I sometimes feel the things I say over and over again often go unheard. I got a little extra proof tonight that my girls are choosing the right and have heard the things I reinforce each day. I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.


Rachel said...

I really enjoyed reading this post - so creative! I, too, am addicted to Diet Coke ;) 7 1/2 miles is rather insane, but I admire you! That last little bit about your little girl on her knees...precious beyond words!

Amberly said...

Quite clever with those "s"'s! What a fun busy day you had with lovely spring weather. I feel like your little in the stroller- ah, that's the kind of "exercise" we all need!

Jill said...

This is pretty cute, but I'm laughing at you and Jenny leaving your drinks in the car. You two aren't rookies, what's up with that? Your girls know you're both addicts, who do you think you're foolin? Too funny.

lelly said...

what a Super post today! i Sure Smiled reading through your Synopsis!!

becca said...

What a great idea. I love how you did this post!

7 1/2 you are dedicated! Poor Maryn, was dogs her only allergy? And I love that you found Mackenzi on her knees...that is what I want for my girls and it is just so hard to know if I am doing the things I should be doing to get them on the right path. What a great parenting moment!

Jenny said...

Super sweet post! I won't call you crazy--love ya too much.

What a sweet moment about Mackenzi. The girls are getting to be so grown up too fast!! It's weird to just be able to sit and have adult conversations with them. I am feeling old!

I am needing a sanity saver right now. You failed to mention the HUGE fiasco we went through to get the second one. :) I didn't drink mine either. My kids finished one of them off.

Sad to say goodbye to yesterday's beautiful sunshine--bleh the clouds are back we are now "socked" in.

Kari said...

Oh catching your kids saying their prayers, especially when they haven't been reminded. That is just the sweetest thing!!

I'm envious of your weather!!

Kelly A. said...

Uh oh, I just read in a book that SODA is liquid SATAN! I won't tell you the name of the book so you'll never have to read it.

Soda in the car at the park was funny, I've done that too.

Sad about the dog, but at least you know. What about dogs that are supposidly hypo allergenic, wonder if you could get a Nikki Jr?

Stephanie said...

What a fun post. I love the pics. Your girls are darling. To find a child kneeling down to say a prayer on their own melts a mother's heart. I'm with you on wondering if the kids are getting anythig that we are teaching them. They do!! It comes through in many moments when they don't see mom watching or listening. I love to hear/watch my kids choose the right.

Bridget said...

Love the post! You know I could never pass judgment on you for you Diet Cokes. I am so in the same category.

I heard you and Jenny are taking new friends to Chuy's. What is that all about? :)

So sorry about Nikki. Hopefully things will get better.

Have a great weekend!

donna said...

What a fun "S" post. I am a BIG diet Pepsi drinker. WOW, you went running and walking two times in one day! HOLY COW!!!!!
Have a Super and Sweet day!

Lucy said...

Super Sweet Sentiments. Who is anyone else to judge about seven miles or 88 oz of Diet Coke? You are you and you are real and I love it.

Have a fabulous day.

michelle said...

I'm cracking up over Jill's comment. I don't make it to Sonic that often, and the last time I got a drink there the whole entire thing spilled on the floor of my car! I wanted to cry. Jill brought me a vanilla diet Coke today though. Yum.

Kind of sad about your kids missing the dog! And finding your child on her knees has got to be a huge mothering highlight!

Amber said...

Good graciouS! I must Say I've Sooooo taken that letter for granted... :-)

Fun post!

Barb said...

That was sssssssssso cute and ssssssssso creative, what a good way to tie it all together!

Barb said...

My daughter just clued me in that Big S Little s is from Dr. Seus. I appreciate your title now, all the more!

carlo said...

i hope the allergies/excema work out?

sweet post and the S's were very clever!

so glad you had some spring...we are still waiting here!

and 7 1/2 miles? WOW

Kelly A. said...

Oh I totally wasn't passing judgment on the coke. I drink it too.

michelle said...

I am a huge Sonic fan! I am there at least 1-2 times a day. I am thrilled that they are now selling their ice.

Price Cream Parlor said...

Love your fun post! Email me - I think I might be able to share some information that might help your eczema.

Anonymous said...

Very Creative Post! I don't know how you did it! Very cute-I love all of the pictures:)