Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Happy, Happy Birthday Baileigh-Boo!!
Today is our niece, Baileigh's 5th birthday. We wanted to wish her a fun day full of fun, smiles, laughs, and wonderful memories of her special day.
Here are 5 things we love about Baileigh...
1. She has the cutest, deepest dimples.
2. Her southern twang will melt you heart.
3. She is a great friend and loves to share her stuff.
4. She loves to wear "frip-frops".
5. She is beautiful.
We love you Baileigh and hope you had a fun-filled day!


Barb said...

Five years old is such a great age. I'm re-reading Heidi for the first time since I was a child, and Heidi is five at the beginning of the book, which I totally didn't remember. Anyway, Heidi is a very resourceful child, and actually reminds me of most of the five year olds I know.

Angela said...

She's a cutie!

And, IT'S A BOY! Thank you for asking!

donna said...

5 year old, How fun.
I hope she has a wonderful B-day!

carlo said...

oh how cute is that pic?? too cute.

Carolee said...

What a cutie. I can only imagine her southern twang, that would be beyond cute.

Rachel said...

What a precious little face!

Jenny said...

Such cute dimples. Happy Birthday Baileigh!! Did I spell that right?

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