Monday, November 13, 2006

A Brief Look at Our Weekend

Grammy, Poppy, my sister Allison, and her two girls Kallee & Kindred came on Saturday to see us and for the primary program on Sunday. As soon as they got here everyone was hungry so we headed to ChickfilA for lunch. Nana & Papa, & Mimi met us there and then Greg came when we were about done. My dad had planned to stop at his favorite hamburger joint, Chris Madrids on the way into town but, Kallee had gotten car sick and smelled a little bad to go out in public. After lunch we went to Target to look around for a few things and ended up just mainly walking around an didn't do that much shopping. Nana wanted to let Maci & Mackenzi choose something to buy for having great grades on their last report card. Mackenzi got the new Chettah Girls Christmas CD & Maci got a stuffed puppy that came with a carrying bag and some accessories. She hasn't let that thing leave her side. They have already used the money Grammy mailed them to buy books at their school's book fair.

Sunday was the Primary program at church and the kids did a wonderful job. Of course, I was a bit teary when we were just warming up before church. I love being in Primary and feeling the spirit of the children. They haven't a worry in the world and just live life so fully and are all so happy. My favorite song was "Children Holding Hands Around the World" and they sang it beautifully. I saw many teary eyes in the congregation which made me get teary again, agian, again. Grammy & Poppy decided to leave after sacrament meeting to head back home. Needless to say the girls were a bit disappointed that they were only here one day. Greg went back to work and I stayed at church. I was feeling a bit groggy and had a terrible headache so I didn't talk to many people just my class. I have a very lively, spunky, hyper group of eight 5&6 year olds, and Maci being one of the more energetic ones.
Once Greg came home we attempted to take a nap but the girls were not allowing it. Maryn was on her second day in a row without a nap. We decided to go for a drive and look at a few neighborhoods we could possible live in if we were to stay here for a job. Nana & Papa met us and looked around with us. It is so amazing, and sad to think we will be looking, buying, and moving into a new home, in the next 8 or 9 months. I'm excited but so scared of the decisions we have yet to make.

Over all our weekend was good. It is always so nice to have visitors and for them to be both sets of grandparents makes it even better. Thanks to them for travelling to see the girls perform in the primary program.


Bridget said...

What neighborhoods did you look at? I love looking at houses. Glad you had an enjoyable weekend.

Jenny said...

I am laughing so hard that Kallee stunk too bad to stop. I didn't get that piece of the story.

For some reason I get so embarrased when I get teary in the audience--is that weird? It's like I don't want to let anyone see my emotions or something.

I must say that "spunky and lively" are a generous group of words to describe their class. Hee hee.

Angie said...

B-We looked in Stonewall Ranch. This would probably be our first choice because it is in a great location right off I10 and i love the neighborhood. They are actually all sold out of new lots and houses so we would either buy an existing one or wait until they open a new neighborhood near by.
It is going to be the same type of neighborhood, and it is going tp be called Stonewall Estates. It really close to Stonewall Ranch(just back up the access road towards SA about 1/4 of a mile.

J-Kallee puked all over herself, the carseat, the car, and so she was smelling RIPE by the time they got to SA.
I get embarrassed when I cry at church but have come to know myself far too well and can say I cry more Sundays then I don't cry. I'm sure you have noticed me with my makeup all over myself on more then one occassion.
Okay maybe I should say they are very hyper, mischevious, dirty rotten TURDS with a little bit of sweet some where in there. Is that a better desciption of my class?