Wednesday, October 11, 2006

therapeutic goodies

I have been feeling a little BLAH lately to say the least. I haven't really let on to this I don't think. I have been keeping everything all bottled up inside and it hasn't felt very good. I have been in desperate need of some sort of "therapy" but didn't know exactly what I might need. Maybe a babysitter so I could run errands, a cleaning lady to help dig me out of my clutter, a babysitter so Greg and I could go out together, to find a winning lottery ticket jsut laying on the ground to help us out financially... WELL none of these really every happened but some therapeutic goodies have just shown up randomly and they have truly helped.

These are the cute earrings I won from one of Dana's riddles. I never win anything and was so excited to know I had won and to get them in the mail. Thanks Dana.

Good mail from Allison M. was a big surprise and cam at just the right moment. I had been having one of those blah days, well weeks, and I was so happy to get a package in the mail that was full of halloween goodies, the new Grey's Anatomy 2 cd, a cd for Mackenzi(we have it in our car right now and have listened it to several times already), and a sweet card. Thanks Alli for being so thoughtful. You made my week.

Greg brought home 11 red roses, 3 yellow roses, & one white rose for our anniversary. The red ones are for the 11 years we have been married, the yellow ines are for our three girls, and the white one is for the next year (12th year). We just gave each other cards this year and decided we would go out on a date and maybe go shopping together(that is when we can find a sitter). He also gave me the new Brad Paisley cd. My parents sent us a card with 40 bucks inside to go out with. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Kristi had mentioned on one of her comments to be on the lookout for some good mail. I was anxiously awaiting its arrival and was exctoed to open the mail box and find it. She sent me her favorite quote- A Righteous Mother will Raise Generations along with a "The Influence of a Righteous Mother", by Marnie Pehrson. It talks about five attributes a mother should possess. They are 1) WORK HARD, 2) WASTE NOT A MINUTE, 3) KEEP YOUR WORD, 4) BE CONSISTENT, 5) SERVE OTHERS. I am going to give these a real hard try and see if I can become a better mother and wife. She also sent me a CD of a great pianist that she plays in her home everyday. I love it. The cutest pink and brown pencils will have to be hidden from my two oldest girls that love pink and brown as much as I do. Also she sent me a sweet card of advice and encouragement. Thanks Kristi, I love it all!

This in itself is very theraputic. Jenny & I were able to go and get a much needed pedicure. I think more than my feet need to be pampered I just needed to have some time to sit and think and chat with Jenny. Don't get me wrong I love to have my toes done but anytime away from the hustle and bustle of kid life is so enjoyable. Thanks Greg and Doug for giving us some free time and thanks Jen for loving to do girly things as much as I do. You are great!

Abby & Maryn

I was able to have a service opportunity this week and that was something I needed to experience. I have been a real slacker when it comes to serving other lately so on Sunday I offered my help to someone without knowing if I would get the chance.
Our friend, and primary president, Ellice, was having mild contractions(if there is such a thing)at church. She was anticipating her induction on Wednesday and for her Mom to be here to help out with their two year old. I knew her neighbor, another girl from our ward was out of town an would have been their "oncall" sitter if something were to happen. So I offered to be "on call" if she went into labor before Wednesday.
Well I stayed up pretty late Sunday night and decided to lay down around 12:15. I think I had jsut dozed off and the phone rang. It was John, Ellice's husband. I knew she must be in labor and asked if they could bring Abigail to our house since Greg was working all night and wasn't home. They came right over an headed to the hospital. Abigail was a little nervous and that was expected. She has only been to our house once. Maryn wasn't awake and nowhere to be seen and I was wearing my glasses which she had never seen before. Poor thing, her heart was pounding so hard. I decided to just ler her sleep in bed with me rather than traumatize her more by putting her in a pack in play. She laid awake for a while watching tv but finally fell asleep a little after 2 am. She staye dwith us until John called around 1:30 to say the baby had arrived. They were excoted for Abby to meet her new baby brother so he ran right over to pick her up.
I was happy to be able to help them out and hopefully they were not worried about her while they were at the hospital. I remember this same thing happening to me when I went into labor with Maryn. Jenny had left two days before, for a week vacaation in Arizona. I was nervous to call someone even though I had several offers prior to going into labor. We dropped Mackenzi and Maci off at our friends' the Larsens, house. They were so nice to take them in until a family member could get there to get them.
This was good therapy. Focusing all my attention on someone else really helped me and how I had been feeling. I feel so blessed to have friends that can call me if they need a favor and visa versa.

The Wirthlins brought by this yummy "good mail" tonight.


Angela said...

I'm glad you had some bright spots in your blahs. I know it always perks me up to know others appreciate me. I also know it is sometimes hard to realize one's value in the midst of the blahs, but you are doing an amazing job in your family. What lucky girls and hubby!

Mindy said...

What cute earrings! Glad that some mail came your way right when you needed it. It's so wonderful that you and Jenny have each other! Now you just need to find a babysitter.

Jenny said...

You should just let me watch your kids NERD! We tried again tonight and I think Jasmine is not gonna work either ;( Wheres Laura and Brandon when we are DESPERATE?

I didn't know that Greg got you such a special arrangement. I love that each flower represents a different thing. So sweet and thoughtful!

I too am glad we got a about another getaway too?

Jill said...

It looks like you're getting a lot of well-timed good mail. I love that quote Kristi sent you, and the earrings, cake, and Halloween stuff look great as well. Quite the variety and score I'd say!

I hope you can shake off the blahs soon, just look down at your cute toes, put on your new cd (let me know if it's good, I love him), and do something creative that always helps me.

Dana said...

I am glad you like your earrings Angie!
Hope you get over the BLAHS soon. They are no fun at all :)

Bridget said...

Hope you are feeling better. Wish I was there to treat you to a Chuy's lunch! :)

grammy said...

Can't wait to see you all this weekend, wish we could stay for a week and watch the kiddos for you..

Amie said...

To make yourself feel better you should just scroll through the pictures in this post. It looks like lots of goodness.

Kristi Brooke said...

i am glad that you got it. i hope in no way was i saying you didn't do any of those things, but the quote and article has been a lifesaver for me many times.
Hang in there girl, the light is near.

michelle said...

So many goodies to lift your spirits. I'm glad you got such good mail and the beautiful flowers, and that you were able to help out a friend and forget about your troubles for awhile. So smart to take those opportunities when they come up! Hope you beat the blahs soon.