Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Which car to drive and or buy?

Greg's "Ferrari" aka Saturn.

Greg really does call this his Ferrari. At one of the hospitals he has to valet park and the guys always ask him, wehn he is ready to leave, if he is driving the Ferrari. So funny. This thing is so far from being Ferrari! We got this car when I was pregnant with Mackenzi over 9 years ago. When we bought this car we thought it was so nice and such a family car. We traded in my black Mustang because we decided we needed a four door car and one with an automatic transmission knowing we would be moving to Houston. The traffic there is terrible and driving a stick shift would be no fun. Greg use to drive a Honda Civic hatchback but it died(well we sold it before it died) a few years ago. We then were able to borrow one of Greg's parents cars and when they needed it back my parents loaned us one of theirs. Last year we were able to buy the Odyssey so we were then able to give back the car to my parents and were back to being two car family on our own.
Well, with almost 200,000 miles on it the "Ferrari" is literally on its last leg. It has a number of issues one being some sort of oil leak causing it to smoke really bad. It has no pick up and go anymore, the radio works when it wants to, it has some awful rattles, clanks, and screeches, the headliner has fallen down and has been stapled, and now is stuck up with adhesive spray used for photos. Both the front bumpers have been banged up not by us but by dishonest people that think since it is already a crappy car and so them running into it doeasn't matter. WEll it does to us. It actually looked rally good on the outside until the past year. It just isn't the car it used to be. Not to mention it probably isn't the safest car to drive. It makes me so nervous for Greg to be in the "cracker box" travelling all over the city at all hours of the night.

Greg has never driven a new car and has been anxiously waiting the day he was finished with his training so he could buy himself the truck he has dreamed of having. Well last week he started looking because he doesn't see how the Saturn is going to last another ten months. Now we are trying to make a decision on a vehicle for him along with the decision of what job to take.

Purely Texan Monster Truck

He was able to drive this truck all weekend as a test drive. He loved it and it was totally him. He beamed everytime we went outside to get into it. The girls loved it as much as he did, too. Maryn usually wants to ride in Greg's car but hardly ever does, so being able to ride in this truck was a treat for her. It was so funny she kept calling it "daddy's house". She would say, "I wanna ride in daddy's house" It was big but not as big as a house, but I guess to someone as small as she is it looks REALLY big.
If Greg isn't able to get this truck I hope he finds one similar and with everything he wants.
He so deserves it after all of his hard work and sacrifices.

Greg's dream car a "REAL Ferrari"

After Greg gets his truck he wants a some sort of "date night" car. Everytime he sees a Ferrari he almost starts drooling. I think it is nice but never would want to drive such an expensive car. I just couldn't pass up taking Greg's picture by this car. After we had gone to dinner with Maryn at Stonewerks for our early anniversary dinner this car was parked by my van. He was oohing and ahhing over it. I admit he would look pretty hot driving this but then I would have to worry about all of the single women wanting to pick him up. hehehe

Any advice on cars and trucks. Which car would you choose? Should we just keep praying the Saturn will survive another year? What is your dream car? Do you think you will ever get it?


Angela said...

Your giant-to-dwarf pics of Greg in front of the Saturn and truck crack me up!

I would want Clayton in a dependable car, too, at night on call. But, oh, no car payments...

Jenny said...

My votes for the Ferrari!! Hee hee. I say the truck for reals. Greg has been eyeing a truck for years. Just get him to sign so you can get it.

Art said...

Just sign the papers.every guy needs a truck.

Bridget said...

I told Jim that once the kids are bigger, I'm getting "date car" too. I have always wanted a black BMW. I don't know if I really will but it is fun to dream.

grammy said...

Greg will look great in whatever vehicle he decides on..He is so unselfish... and thinks of others first...Hope he will be able to get something soon..

ashley said...

Go for the truck, Bub! I agree with Arthur...every guy needs a truck. If you get too nice of a car, just remember that everyone will choose to cut you off in bad traffic because they are certain that you will do anything to avoid hurting your prize car...also, a ferrari may make you look like you are either overly confident and full of yourself or not confident enough and compensating...ha,ha

I hope you get something soon! You deserve it! With as selfless and great as you are this car has been a long time coming...forget the ferrari...go for a Bentley...and have someone drive YOU around for a change!

But, for now...definately get the truck!

Love yall!

michelle said...

My dream car is a brand-new minivan with an extended warranty, so that I never have to worry about repairs. Probably never gonna happen. Actually, my real dream car is one for Marc. He deserves it so much!

pam said...

I love the comment about "daddy's house", how cute is that?

I don't think the Saturn will last, we just had to lay my honda to rest, sad day...

I'm a die hard foreign car fan, honda, nissan etc...for a car but if your going for a truck, get a diesel, just for the pulling power, don't get a ford, stick with gmc or chevy and get the full door on the back, my brother is selling his, it's a year old and a beautiful truck, he wants a dually. See what happens when you ask for my opinion.

Mom/Nana said...

I remember when Greg started Pre-Med he said the first thing he wanted to get when he completed this long journey was a new truck. Go for it my sweet boy. You deserve that new truck and anything else you want. You will look great in anything you drive but that new truck will just reinforce those deep Texas/Texan roots. I am so proud of you. Can't wait to go for a ride.
I love you, Mom