Thursday, September 14, 2006

What was I thinking?

two workouts + mowing the lawn - food = insane exhausted Mommy

I went for my morning 3 mile walk this morning with Jenny. On most days it doesn't seem to be much of a workout more of a get me out of the house for 45 minutes chat and stroll time, but somedays I feel like it is my first day starting an exercise routine. I feel like I am moving in grandma speed and can hardly get one foot in front of the other. Today was the latter of those two. It seemed like we were never going to make it to the one mile mark let alone complete the three miles. We finally made it after passing three different very stinky road kills that have been on our route all week. The smell is getting worse and worse and are causing us to have to run up hill while pushing the strollers.

After our walk, Jenny met me at the Honda place to give me a ride home. I had to geta few things checked out on the van so she was nice enough to let me hitcha ride with her. We went looking for a few more things for our silent auction basket for school and then Greg called and said he was done early. How exciting those words are lately? He has been super busy and on most days we see each other for about an hour, and somedays we jsut get to talk on the phone when he is working all night. So a call to let me know he is done at 11 am is a glorious day. He wanted to go to the gym to workout so I told him I would get Jenny to drop me off there. Okay, I know I have just finished my 3 mile walk less than two hours before, but I decide I'm going to workout a "little bit" until Greg is ready to go. I climb upon an elyptical machine and 17 minutes and 2.4 miles later I stumble off. I lift a few arm weights, do a few lunges, and strain through a couple of leg exercises before Greg says he is ready. Whew! I can hardly walk.
We make it home and Greg showers and heads off to school to study and I put Maryn down for her nap. Mowing my lawn crosses my mind earlier on the day but I figures I would wait until another day. I reconsider and head out to endure the 93 degree heat(it is dry heat today) so I thought it wouldn't be bad. I was wrong! I got throught the front yard pretty quickly and without to much effort but when I went around back it was like I ran out of gas (no, not the mower, me). I sighed, huffed, grunted, moaned, panted, adn sweated my way through it and finally an hour and forty minutes after I began, I was finally done. At this poit I was feeling a bit ill. I hadn't eaten breakfast. I grabbed a handful of wheat thins before going to the gym. I didn't eat lunch so after I was finished I was really feeling yucky. I managed to get in the shower and get my makeup on but did't know if I would make though blowdrying my hair. I ate some candy thinking I need sugar, it helped a little but I was still not feeling well.
Greg came home and we left to go and pick up my car. I had planned on making dinner after the yard work was done but didn't have the energy nor desire to stand in the kitchen and cook. We decided to stop and grab a sandwich at Charley's. We had never eaten there before and knew nothing about it but it ended up being okay and it kept me from cookinga t home. After dinner we had Mackenzi's open house at school. Remember I am so tired I can hardly hold myself up and now I get to listen to her teacher talk about the things they are doing and actlike I am enjoying it. I tried my best but was actually glad when it was all over at 7:50. I still needed to get Mackenzi to her swim practice at 8:20. Greg graciously offered to take her, so here I sit, blogging about my exhausting day.
I just can't figure out what I was thinking when I decided to practically workout three times in a six and a half hour period of time! I think I have learned my lesson and hopefully can even get out of bed in the morning.

Have you ever way over done it and asked yourself, WHY?


Anonymous said...

I've done similar things on occassion and hit myself that night when I can't seem to get off the couch. The difference is that I rarely skip meals- I just don't think it is in my genetic make-up to do that, unfortunatly :) Hoepfully you can take it easier today and aren't too sore. I think my legs would be stiff after all that.

Amie said...

I have had a few days like this, sometimes I enjoy being physically tired, it makes me feel like I did something. Lazy tired, now that makes me crazy!

I am pretty sure candy & wheat thins for the whole day aren't enough.... but that's why you look how you look and I.... don't.

Jenny said...

I wish I would have taken a picture of you guys in the Saturn going to get your car at the dealership. That seriously was PRICELESS!

I too am ready for the roadkill to be cleaned up because it is very nausiating passing that each morning. It seems to be getting worse each day too.

You for sure over did it yesterday. Like I said before I really can't believe you took on the yard task. Girl, you outta control!!

Bridget said...

You need to eat more! Like Amie said, that's probably why you look like you do and I look like I do, but you really need to take better care of your self. :) I can't believe Mckenzie has swim practice at 8:30. How often does she have that? Eat some good food today and get some rest.

Allison M. said...

You are out of control! I wouldn't even be able to walk down my stairs. Like everyone has commented that is why you look the way you do and I look the way I do.

No more M&M's and wheat thins lunches, try something a liitle more substantial.

Anonymous said...

you better slow down.. or you will end up old like me.

pam said...

I'm exahusted for you. I hate it when you are so tired that you have made yourself physically ill. Nothing really helps that except for going to bed, which is not always an option. I hope your day tomorrow is better and with much more energy and less workouts.