Saturday, September 16, 2006

days of our lives

I'm sure this will definitely rank high on my "boring post list" and most of you will wonder why in the world did I need to jot it down but hey, I needed something to post.


740-dropped kids off at school
750-went for my morning walk
1000-left to take Maryn to get picture taken at Target
1020-arrived at Target WITHOUT photo coupon
1040-left Target in tears because the chics there were VERY rude
1100-got home to get coupon
1120-Greg & I arrived back at Target for Maryn's pics
1215-went to lunch with Greg at Chuy's(I needed this after my starvation day on Thursday)
140-home again to lay Maryn down for nap
200- Greg left to study and go to bank
305-girls off the bus from school
445-Greg came home and we decided to go for a family run/bike ride
545-stumbled into the house after Maci drug us on a 3.4 mile run!(she learned to ride without training wheels and she only knows one speed, FAST!)
600-Greg left for his high school football game(he is "the team doctor" for one of the local high schools and has to stand on the side lines, at the games incase of injuries)
630-fed the girls frozen pizza
800-Maryn bedtime
900-Mackenzi & Maci bedtime
930-I'm starving but MORE exhausted so I get ready for bed hoping I am able to get out of bed in the morning.
1000-too tired to even watch the news and doze off
1130-Greg comes home(at least I think it was Greg, I'm feeling like someone has drugged me)He even said that I looked, acted, and sounded like I had been given anesthesia.


600-Greg leaves for sports clinic
630-my sweet Maryn gives me a wake up call. I put her in bed with me.
700-Maryn sneaks out of my bed and wakes her sisters.
720-I roll out of bed and make breakfast
800-morning walk/jog(Jenny didn't go this morning so I ran part of it because it drags when there isn't someone to chat with.
900-showered and cleaned up around the house
1100-went to meet Greg at the gym(they were having a kids thing with moonjump, food, & games) worked out for an hour(I think I am crazy doing these two-a-days!)
1200-showered again at gym
1245-Costco (you can't beat the samples at Costco for lunch on Saturday)
145-got gas at Sam's for $2.22!!(Costco's line was too long there's was $2.21!) My tank was only half gone but couldn't pass up the "CHEAP" gas.
230-I took Maryn home for a nap and Greg took Mackenzi and Maci to the movies for a daddy/ daughter date.
300-430-cleaned bathrooms, swept and mopped floors
430-Greg took a 30 minute nap
530-went to dinner on Greg's way to his moonlighting shift downtown
700-bathed girls
800-read stories & bedtime
NOW-my time (blogging, ironing clothes for church, surfing the net, vegging)

Sorry you had to experience the"days of our lives". It is amazing, when you jot down all you do in a day, there is ALOT that goes on but, then there's NOT ALOT that goes on either.


Hannah said...

You work out like crazy! Yet another reason you are so fit and look so good! I love recording the daily things because it helps me to see that I really do get a lot done even when I don't have much to show for it.

Amie said...

Is there a reason you work out twice a day? You already look great so I am just being nosy really....

I like seeing the schedule of your day. I also feel like I am busy but get "nothing" done.

Angie said...

No particular reason for working out twice a day. I most always walk with Jenny 3 miles in the morning and then go to the gym a couple of times a week. Most of the time the trip to the gym is time spent with my hubby when we have "free" babysitting. I'm trying to not do it as much but find I enjoy it and also I feel I can eat more junk if I have worked out.
Stay tuned, real soon, for another post related to why I workout.

pam said...

You are a busy woman and I admire your stamina. Even if you don't feel like you have stamina. I don't know that I could get up so early and be nice...hence I work the night shift. You are too cute.

Jenny said...

Whew! Now I am caught up. I feel so out of the loop since I haven't seen you in a couple of days! I love the days of your life! SO appropriate. I should have stocked up on some cheap gas myself. I may have to do that next week.

umm... I would love to stay tuned and have been waiting for the why you workout 2 times a day girl! You need to post it.

Jenny said...

Oh, I forgot to say way to go Maci. I didn't know she had taken off the extra wheels.

And I wished I would have gone with you yesterday morning. I never did go. I got as far as putting on my workout clothes and couldn't motivate myself :(

Jill said...

I think it's fun to see what other people do every day. I'm a little disturbed by your double work out sessions and the mean ladies at Target (what's up with that?). Did you end up getting good pictures of Maryn there?