Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"d" day

No, it hasn't been a terrible day, it has actually been quite DELIGHTFUL. I have been thinking about my day and how I could make it into an interesting post(no pics for this one). I admit I stole the idea from Jenny, and others, with naming things about my day that start with the same letter. So here is my day that begins with D...

Daughters...I ended up with two of the three of them in bed with me when I woke up this morning. I don't even remember Maci climbing into bed with us. Maryn gave her usual wakeup call a bit earlier this morning at around 545. I think Greg woke her up when he left for work.

Dogs...Too many stray dogs roaming our neighborhood this morning on our walk. It freaks me out a bit not knowing if these dogs are vicious are not. The kids love it though and are saying DOGGIES non stop for 45 minutes.

Dollar off...I am so delighted my car is no longer DIRTY. It was dollar off day at Alamo Laser Car Wash and I just couldn't pass up the chance to drive a clean car even if it is only for a few days(it is supposed to rain this weekend).

Darling...My darling hubby called and had two hours free before he needed to be at his afternoon clinic so I went and picked him up and we headed out on some errands I was running. Fun times even if it was just errand running. It was just good to be together.

Dillards...I had waited out my 30 day return limit on a swim suit I had gotten on sale a month ago. I really liked it but after thinking it over I decided to take it back and save the $50. I wanted so bad to turn right around and buy it back again after the girl put it back on the rack. Now it would have only cost me about $35. Who knows I may be back at Dillards tomorrow.

Deals...We decided to look for Greg a couple of new dress shirts in Macy's. Since his weight loss he only has a few shirts that don't hang on him lik ethey are on a hanger. He found two dress shirts, one for $7, the other for $9. He also got two polos for a $5.40 each. I wasn't going to look for myself anything but after seeing Greg's deal I had to check out things for me. I found two shirts for less than $5 each. I am thrilled at the deal we found today.

Deli...After the mall we took advantage of our time we had together since today is his all nighter day. We stopped for lunch at Jason's Deli. It hit just the right spot and not to mention you get free soft serve ice cream(that isn't that bad for you) after your meal.

Drop off...I dropped off Greg back at the hospital and decided to give his car a "heart attack". I really didn't have any good treats just the hearts I cut out. I wrote on a few of them and others I just threw in the car. I knew I was going to have trouble getting into the car since Greg always locks his car with the remote and as a security device you can't unlock it by just using the key if the remote was used to lock it. The horn will start honking and continue to honk until you use the remote or when the 3 min is up. Well since the remote I have doesn't work the car was honking like crazy so I didn't get to put all of the hearts in the car because everyone in the parking lot was staring at me.

Dumb...Is how I felt when the car "alarm" was going off.

Dance...Mackenzi had dance today but Jenny dropped them off today so I didn't have to venture out...

Double Day...Greg called and had about an hour before he needed to be back at the hospital so I met him at the gym for my second workout for the day. I had told myself I was going to slack off of the double days ,but since Greg is having a hernia repaired on Friday, and won't be able to workout for at least two weeks, I knew he wanted to go. If I had said I didn't want to go he would have just sacrificed his workout and came home to see me.

Daddy...Daddy has journal club tonight and his moonlighting shift after that so he won't be home. I am so grateful for all he does for us.

Dinner...Tonight was Thornton Elementary Night at Papa John's. 20% of their sales made by Thornton families would go to the school. Since, I had nothing on the menu (Greg wouldn't be home tonight) I stopped and picked up the girls' dinner.

Diet Dr. Pepper...I have had my fair share of this today. I literally am addicted.

DVR...I went through and set all of my tv shows that I want to record this fall on our Dish DVR. It was sad to see how many tv shows we are into, but glad that we can record them and watch them when we can (and without commercials).

Dreamland...All of the girls were off to dreamland on time tonight which has made for a.....


Did you have a Delightful Day?


Jenny said...

I can't say I really "did"-- hee hee. You saw me break down at the door. But i am glad you had a good day and you finally were able to spend some time with Greg. Even if it was for a small bit.

Angie said...

What the heck are you still doing up? Sorry about your bad day, see you should have let e take the girls to dance.

pam said...

I sure delighted in your d-day. It was fun to take a dip in your day.

Dana said...

Sounds like you had a "Deliriously Decadent Day!" :)

Allison M. said...

I am glad you had a delightful day!

I am also gald you got to spend a little time with Greg.

Angela said...

What a fun post! Nothing like getting surprise time with the Dr. Hubby! Sounds like you made the most of your time together!

Jill said...

What a fun day and what a cute post. I wish I could have seen you giving Greg's car a heart attack while the alarm was going off, that sounds like something that would have happened to me.

Amie said...

How did you think of so many d things? Very cute post.