Saturday, August 05, 2006

north dallas visit

I have finally thought about posting a couple of pictures from our visit to McKinney, Frisco, and Denton, last weekend. Greg had gone up there about a month ago to look at a couple of jobs and wanted to take me back up there. We flew in on Saturday morning spent the day looking around a few neighborhoods and of course shopped some. They have the best shopping in Frisco. This could be a dangerous place for me to consider moving.

Saturday night we had dinner with the Orthopedist he would primarily work with in Denton. As most people who know me know that I so not do well in these kind of situations. I get so nervous that I will say something dumb, look dumb, or just come across dumb. I always get the question, "So what do you do"? I HATE this having not earned a degree I jsut kind of shrug my shoulders and say "I stay home with our girls". Most people seem okay with it but I amalways left wondering if, in the back of their minds they are thinking something else.
Sunday morning we headed for church in Denton. We knew what church woud be like in McKinney because we know people that live there and know there are lots of young families there. Denton on the other hand was a mystery to us. We were a bit surprised when we walked in to see so many young families and kids. There were 175 kids in this ward's primary. A huge difference to our ward's 25 kids. We left more comfortable even considering going there.
After church we met my brother Art and his wife Jessica and Caleb and Baileigh for lunch at On The Border. It was Jess's birthday so we had them sing and bring her cheesecake for dessert.
We looked around the area some more and toured some model homes in this Master planned community(a city within a city) called Stonebridge Ranch. Of course this always makes me a little sad seeing such beautiful spacious homes that I may one day own. It is hard to come home to my KB track fhome after walking through these models. We stopped by Jeremy and Heidi's(they just recently move there from Sans Antonio, for a quick visit. They have a beautiful home and seemed to be so happy to be there. It was so great to see them.

Heidi & Angie

Monday Greg went to the hospital in Denton and went to surgery with the guy from dinner. I drove around for about three hours and then met Greg back at the hospital. The Ceo and Greg took me on a little tour of the hospital which was very nice. It was so clean and new compared to Universuty where Greg has done most of his training during resdiency. We then met a realtor who took aroung some of the areas that she felt we would like.
It was a good trip but of course made us more confused in where we should make our new home.


Jenny said...

I totally think you guys should take the job. But, hey easier said and done for me than you! I am glad you jotted down your journey. You guys look like you had fun.

Angie said...

I don't know how we are going to decide. I guess we are just going to have to dive in and hope for the best no matter where we decide to go.
OH I just got a tummy ache thinking about it!!

Bridget said...

Don't EVER feel embarrassed about being a stay at home mom. What greater thing could you be doing for the world and your family than raising your kids. Okay, now I will get off my soap box. I think Denton sounds like a wonderful choice. And with Dallas so close and being such a major airport, everything is just a short plane trip away. Good luck with the decision making. Remember it doesn't have to be forever. Armin was completely unhappy in his practice and decided to leave. He found another practice to join and is so much happier. So even though it is not fun to change, it can be done if you're really unhappy. By the way, who's house was that? It was beautiful.

Angie said...

Thanks for the advice B. That was just on of the houses in the neighborhood we loved. Greg rally liked the house, the floor plan, and especially the patio/outdoor kitchen, but of course I didn't take any other pictures of it to remember later.
Where did Armin move to?

Anna said...

I'm totally jealous that you got to see Heidi and her new home! How great!

Bridget said...

I think they stayed in New York but I'm not sure. I went to and looked at house for sale in Denton. It seems like there are some really nice ones for sale and the prices seem pretty reasonable.

Anonymous said...

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