Thursday, July 20, 2006

special day

Happy 4th Birthday Hunter!Today is our nephew Hunter Cade Humphreys' 4th birthday. Hunter is, Greg's youngest sister Ashley, and her husband Danny's, little boy. We hope you have a fun day with lots of smiles and laughs. We wish we could spend your day with you. We love and miss you bunches.
Uncle Greg, Aunt Angie, Mackenzi, Maci, & Maryn

Happy 38th Anniversary Mom & Dad
Happy Anniversary Nana & Papa! Today is Greg's parents 38th wedding anniversary. We hope you have a great day today. Thanks for your example of a love filled marriage. Enjoy and cherish each other today and know we are thinking of you. We love you.
Greg, Ang, Mackenzi, Maci, & Maryn


Nana said...

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for your attention to so many details Angie. It is so nice to be remembered today. We sure didn't see our wonderful family in our future that day but we knew we wanted one. We feel blessed every day to have all of you. I know Hunter will be thrilled to see his picture and birthday wish from you, Uncle Greg and the cousins. I truly enjoy all the updates and love you put into this web page. Thank you for being you.

Jenny said...

Oh, my goodness they look so young. Happy Anniversary Karen and Greg!

Mimi said...

I remember that day well (July 20, 1968). The beautiful bride and handsome groom. They took all her brothers and sisters on their honeymoon camping and they all had a good time. Not many grooms would go for that! But they were a VERY special couple. Happy Anniversary.

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Hunter. You have hit the big 4 today. Hope to see you soon. Love to you and your mommy and daddy.

Nana said...

Wow, Mimi is having a senior moment. I have them occasionally now myself but in reality, Greg and I, had a wonderful time at a cabin on the beautiful Frio river for a week. It was the next summer that we took everyone and that includes, all my brothers and sisters, Kathy H and her siblings camping with us. Didn't spend a week though. No kids on the honeymoon. Sorry we weren't quite that nice. HA!!

Mimi said...

I stand corrected. I guess I got my stories mixed up.