Sunday, July 23, 2006

saturday scenes

This is such an embarassing sight that I can't believe I'm even posting this for the world to see. We have been putting off cleaning out our garage since, probably last summer. We finally agreed it was a job way over due so we decided to tackle it tiday after we went for our Saturday morning workout at the gym. Even though we knew we only had a few hours to get this project done (we were meeting some friends for dinner) we decided to go for it. I didn't think to take a real "before" picture until we were well into it but this does show how much junk the Gordon family can accumulate and keep around. We needed to defrost our standup freezer so Greg and Mackenzi did most of that, while Maci and Maryn tried to sweep up trash into between their bike rides and playing in the water hose. We got most of it done but I wanted to add the "after" picture when it is completely organized(hopefully by Monday).
The van carpets had gotten pretty dirty this last couple of months so I took them all out and scrubbed them with water and lots of elbow grease while Greg worked in the garage. They came pretty clean but will never be like new with kids constantly in and out, with dirt, food, and drinks. As you can see from the pictures, while the mats were out drying, a thunderstorm decided to blow in and before I knew it, the almost dry carpets were soaking wet again. No worries though, the mats will dry all over again and we did need rain desperately.
We met up with our friends Chris and Cindy and their three adorable kiddos, Rachel, Reece, and Addison. We headed out to Red Robin for dinner(this as become a norm for us when we meet them) and had a fun time catching up on happenings with each of our families.
After dinner we decided to go back to Chris & Cindy's to make ice cream and to hang out some more. They had one of the cool ball ice cream makers that you put all of the ingredients in (we opted for cookies n cream) and then roll it around for twenty minutes. The kids loved it for the first ten minutes and then Greg & Chris took over the task of rolling it around until it was frozen enough. It was really good, not to mention probably loaded with fat and calories. The kids ate it up!!
We met the Arnolds when the guys began med school at UT Houston in the summer of 1997. Greg and I were the only couple that had a baby when we began so Mackenzi had lots of "aunts and uncles" to spoil her. Cindy and I became pregnant about the same time, with Rachel and Maci, and delivered them 11 days apart, during 4th year. After graduation they went to residencyy in Corpus Christi and we came to SA. Chris & CIndy both grew up here and always planned on moving back when they were done and have been back for two years. They are living not too far from us and from where they were both raised. It was a lot of fun visiting our friends and catching up and then kids really had fun laughing and playing. Even though we only live about twenty minutes from one another it is sometimes hard to get together with our busy schedules and say we need to do it more often each time we are together. We cherish all of our friends and our relationships with them. Thanks guys for a fun night.


Angela said...

Oh, how fun! We wish could have been there to join you all. That picture of the kids is so cute--everyone looking at the camera, amazing! It is hard to believe it was just Mackenzi in the beginning!

Jenny said...

Glad to see you guys had a fun night with Chris and Cindy. I am glad to see that it rained a bit. We miss you guys and wish you were here!!

Jill said...

It's good you could get together with your friends again. It's kind of sad when we let life take over and we let a little distance creep into our friendships. It's probably inevitable, but it's nice when you feel like it doesn't have to be.