Sunday, July 02, 2006

our little quarterback

Since we don't have any boys I have decided Maryn makes a pretty cute little football player. She might even be one of theses girls that ends up playing on the high school footall team but I'm hoping she won't. I couldn't decide if I should take Maryn to church or have her trying out for a peewee football league. We made it late, of course, and I decided to take her home after sacrament meeting because she was drugged up on tylenol with codeine and was having a difficult time even holding her head up. She seems better now and is sound asleep. I hope she has a better night than she had last night.


Jenny said...

I am still shocked that she is not fighting you to keep that on. Love the pictures!!

Nana said...

I can't believe our sweet little Maryn has a broken collarbone. How long will she have to wear the brace? Thanks Doug and Jenny, from a grateful Nana, that you were both there. I know how much Greg and Angie appreciate you both and so do we. Good friends are Priceless!!

Bridget said...

What a cute outfit!