Monday, July 03, 2006

I have been thinking lately about my role as a parent and contemplating if I am teaching my children everything they need to know to survive in society. Maybe, I shouldn't use the word survive-I want them to grow up respectful, kind, righteous children and know how to make good decisions. As I have been considering my parenting, I sometimes realize I have no idea how to explain things in a way that my girls can understand. A lot of times I just end up arguing and telling them "because I said so, that's why." I feel helpless sometimes and wish there would have been parenting classes we were required to take before having children.

I love my girls so much and think they know that, but feel I am lacking in teaching them true gospel principles in our busy daily lives. I get so caught up in rushing through my day that I forget to stop and teach them. I find myself so rushed at bedtime sometimes, that I skip family prayer with them, if Greg is not here. I am so selfish with my time and so ready for my house to be quiet that I send them to bed without kneeling and praying with them. I don't do this every night but I never should do it. It has been quite a long time since we actually had an organized and planned FHE with songs, prayers, a lesson, game and a treat-until tonight- when the girls and I had dinner at the Clouses and then Taylor and Mackenzi gave a little power point lesson on prayer. It was a nice reminder, especially from two righteous little girls, of what we should be doing each morning and night. I forget how much they enjoy learning and laughing together as a family.

I never want my girls to forget the basics of the gospel. These basics are what get you through each day. I want them to remember to give thanks for all we have been blessed with and to teach them about asking for things and then getting answers. They will need to use the power of prayer many times over throughout their lives.

Now, you are probably wondering why I chose to put the picture of this dad with his son on the motorcylce as my picture. No, I don't know them. Greg and I saw this a few weeks back and were stunned and said,"what is he thinking". I really think this guy realizes that this could potentially injure his son, and he wouldn't want his child to hurt in anyway, but makes the decision of taking him for a quick spin anyway. I do this alot when teaching right from wrong, and find myself contradicting myself and doing things I know are not completely right forgetting the consequences. I forget that I have six little eyes and six little ears watching and listening to my every action, and looking to me as their example. I would never want them to hurt physically or spiritually. I have learned much today about the things I want and don't want for my precious children just by sitting here contemplating this while typing.

I hope when I'm home and out in public, people never look at me the way Greg and I looked at this guy, and think what is he/she thinking. I hope I never take my role as a mom for granted and forget to teach my girls everything they need to know, even the little things. I hope I am viewed as a good parent to those around me, especially to my girls and my Heavenly Father.


Jenny said...

I think you are a great mom and example. You do a lot for your girls without even realizing it. I sometimes need a spirituality check and Taylor often gives that to me. Thank goodness someone is listening at church right? I constantly struggle with prayer and I know I need to practice what I preach. Doug is a great example to me and does it every morning and night. (something I do not) Thanks for writing your thoughts it made me realize how important you need to be as a parent. Sometimes I think we all need to be reminded of that!

Mimi said...

You and Jenny both sound like pretty normal mothers to me. We can only strive for perfection, we can't achieve it. And you are both doing a lot of "striving."