Tuesday, June 27, 2006

vacancy at hotel gordon

My sister, Allison left today after being here almost two weeks. It was sad to see her go after having her and her two cute little girls here for so long. I know she thought she was in the way sometimes, but it was fun to have her here. Especially because I know she doesn't get to do alot when she is back home. We have never been super close, but felt while she was here we talked and laughed more than we have in a long time. I will treasure these memories forever.
Thanks Allison for tagging along with me on my crazy, hectic, nonstop days. Thanks for watching the girls some so I could get things done. Thanks for spending time with my girls and being so willing and excited to attend the recital and swimmeets. It meant alot to the girls to have someone besides us scream their names and give them high-fives. They were super sad to see you leave. Thanks for being an example of a good little mommy. I think you got all of the patience in the family. You are just like Daddy-calm, cool, and collected. Hopefully since we named Maryn after you she will have some of that patience, too.
Give Kallee and Kindred hugs and kisses from us. Come visit again soon. Love and miss you.

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Jenny said...

I am sure she was glad to get back to her more "normal" paced life. I think we gave her a run with all of the running around we do! It was fun to have another walking partner for a few weeks!!