Saturday, June 10, 2006

no turning back now!

The carpet is up so there is no turning back now. As you can see(hopefully it doesn't gross anyone out) the Nikki stains were pretty bad. They were all the way through the padding. I was constantly oxycleaning, folexing, club sodaing, the stains but, to no avail. Last year we paid for Stanley Steemer to come out every three months to steam clean the carpet. It usually looked good for about a month and then the stains came right back. Hopefully now Nikki will NOT pee on my new floor. If she does I may be in trouble for pet endangerment!


Jenny said...

Okay the Nikki stains are pretty gross. But I am glad you are finally getting the new floor you have been talking about for the past two years! You deserve it whether it was new carpet or laminate floors. Doug's on his way to help out. Can't wait to see them when they are all done. Maybe then we will be inspired to do our kitchen.

Nana said...

Glad you are getting your new floor I know how much you have wanted it. I know you will enjoy having the wood instead of carpet.