Thursday, May 17, 2007

Angie's 35th, Greg's 1st

After spending the day in some complicated orthopaedic surgery cases, surely this posting thing should not be too tough, or so I think. You will not likely see any pictures in this post, if I can get a few paragraphs to publish I will be lucky. I have never "posted" or "blogged" but have read quite a few. I just thought I would take the opportunity to cybersay Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife today. As young as I am, it's hard to belive that I'm married to a 35 year old, but I'll get over it. I guess the thing to do is the "list", so here goes:


1. She loves me in spite of me
2. She tells me, with a straight face, that I look better without hair than when I had hair. She doesn't complain about hair in the wrong places.
3. She is a truly wonderful mom to our three girls. I have always said that a guy may have a pretty good idea of what kind of wife the girl he marries will be, but he takes a bit of a gamble on what kind of mom she will be. My gamble has paid off.
4. She supports me in my dreams and makes me think I can accomplish them.
5. She rarely complains about being a "single mom" so often while I am working crazy hours.
6. She surprises me with a shirt or some other gift for no reason.
7. She is a great friend. She often thinks of others who would have no idea that they would be on her mind.
8. We both love Mexican food way too much.
9. She will go out of her way to bring me dinner at the hospital.
10. She manages to have our girls two different places at the same time several times a week. Always doing something, going somewhere. 36000 miles on the minivan in 20 months.
11. She never questioned me when I said that I was going to buy a truck. I had said that I would do this when I signed a job contract, but I jumped the gun by several months.
12. She has a great testimony and lives it more than she says it.
13. She is a good daughter and sister to her family and mine.
14. She loves crafts, etc and looks forward to one day having a room with nothing but her crafts and scrapbooking stuff, etc. I look forward to that too.
15. She understands that somedays, I may just be having a bad day and needs no detailed explanation.
16. She has become very fit and makes her daily walks a priority. In a society that seems to become more sedentary every day without realizing that physical health plays a large role in mental health and spiritual health, this is a great example to our girls.
17. Despite our efforts to be healthy, she will sit down with me a night and share a chocolate shake.
18. She takes the time to look nice (without over-doing it) before she goes out.
19. She looks good even first thing in the morning before she gets out of bed. She is more attractive now than she was when we were married.
20. She makes great chili- hint hint
21. She is a wonderful yard boy and frets when the weeds begin to show.
22. She takes care of the things we have, and has 500 rubbermaids full of girls clothes that look hardly worn. OK maybe not quite 500.
23. She keeps our home neat. but allows it to be lived in.
24. She never forgets to pay our tithing.
25. She goes to the temple more than me.
26. As much as she likes to be clean and look nice, she enjoys being outside, camping and sitting around a campfire, eating Zummo sausages, smelling like a fire pit, telling stories and laughing about growing up. This is one characteristic that attracted me to Angie long before we ever considered dating.
27. I loved her and cared for her as a friend years before we ever even held hands.
28. She has a beautiful smile, even though her face naturally makes this pouty little frown.
29. She brushes her teeth 3 or 4 times a day.
30. She has nice toes. Hopefully our girls will get hers and not mine.
31. She has a southern drawl much more than me. It gets even thicker after she goes back home for a few days.
32. She is teaching our girls to be ladies, but to always be girls too.
33. She remembers names, birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, what she wore 30 years ago in her kindergarten class pictures- all kinds of really important stuff. I can't remember.........what was I just saying?
34. She said yes to me almost exactly 12 years ago when I asked her to marry me while we were at the riverwalk vacationing with our families. Remember no pictures in this post, but if there were there would be a picture of her and I walking along the riverwalk right after I proposed. I would be weraing a hidious shirt and have the cheezy smile with braces.
35. She is mine.

There you go. My first and probably only post.
I love you Ang- Happy Birthday.



Angie said...

I need a kleenex after that, honey. You made me cry and laugh at the same time.

You are amazing and even more amazing for putting up with me and some of may habits. Thanks for sharing your dreams with me and allowing me to come along for the ride. No where else would I have rather been for the past 12 years than by your side.

Thanks again for a wonderful birthday and your first ever post.

Stephanie said...

That was so sweet! I sure hope you had a good day.

Jenny said...

Greg that was awesome. You're so right you are one lucky guy. Hope you had a fabulous birthday Ang--dancing (or watching on the couch for you) and all! :)

kristi brooke said...

happy birthday. sorry i missed it and didn't get anything sent to you. give me a week and i will be back on birthday track!
i hope it was a great day.

Melinda said...

WHat a sweet post! Hope you had a great bday. I love the picture of your engagment. I think my husband had that same shirt!!

michelle said...

What a sweet post by your husband. I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Art said...

Happy B-day Angie Good job Greg

donna said...

WOW what a wonderful post by your hubby! !

Love the picture :)

carlo said...

oh so very sweet...just incredible. i truly hope i get to meet BOTH of you in person (at CHuy's?) someday.

lovely post...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE !!!!!!!! Sorry i am late, but as you know i am a little nutty these days...

Jill said...

This is such a sweet and wonderful post, so fun to read. It's nice to get a sense of Greg's personality.

I'm glad you edited this and linked that picture, I vaguely remembered it from the time you posted it but it's fun to see it again, plus I didn't realize he had braces!

Price Cream Parlor said...

What a beautiful post! How fortunate for you to have such a companion/friend for life! Hope your day was happy!

Lucy said...

Awwww....doesn't he know that us women melt at this kind of stuff. He totally just scored a bunch of points, huh?

Looks like you are in good hands for a great birthday!

Kristen said...

That was really fun to read! (I like Greg)! What a great guy...I enjoyed getting to know you better too.
Loved the picture!!!! That was great!

Angela said...

Greg, so SWEET! I'm filling Clayton in...

Kelly said...

This was a very sweet post -- what a lovely birthday surprise. I hope your day was wonderful!

Rachel said...

WHat a guy! And, oh my, what a woman! You are my role model! Hope you had a Happy Birthday! :)

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Angie!

michelle said...

Well if that isn't just the sweetest thing! You couldn't ask for a better gift than that heartfelt post. (And how many wives are told they are more attractive 12 years later? Sweet!)

Janet said...

That is soooo cute!:) Greg-I am very impressed-what a nice way to tell your wife Happy Birthday in such a loving way!

I love the picture of the engagement, too-you both are so cute and even better looking today-12 years later:)