Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend To Do's

I want bore you all with great detail of our weekend, but just wanted to jot down the things I accomplished since I last posted.

~Woke up to find the zit fairy had visited me overnight
~Morning walk
~Chic Fil A breakfast
~Afternoon run
~Girls went to kids night out at our gym
~Greg & I went to dinner at Outback
~HEB milk run

you gotta love the way my self portrait make my nose look like a banana!

~Slept in
~Workout at the gym (ran 4 1/4 miles in 35 minutes-woohoo!!)
~Dejunked hall closet & kitchen. Took boxes of toys and stuff to storage building we want be using for the next few months.
~Greg boxed up, what looked like a library full of ortho books, he's not using
~Took Maci to a birthday party
~Went here for family time
~Stopped at Target for a few things

~Woke up and started our fast
~Last minute primary lesson preperation
~Made it to church on time
~Greg helped out someone from church by going to he ER and rushing(they had already sat in the waiting room 6 hours) them through.
~Grilled chicken for dinner
~Had FHE
~Watched Exteme Makeover Home Edition(a family tradition for us)
~Made milkshakes and cuddled on the couch
~Greg & I watched a few things we had recorded on t.v.

~Took the kids to school early
~Morning walk
~Cleaned, cleaned, & cleaned some more
~Laundry, laundry & more laundry
~Took Maryn on another early afternoon walk and run
~Maryn napped I showered
~Prepared to be the chaffeur this afternoon. Maci to dance, Mackenzi to swim

Awesome good mail from Natasha. She was too nic ean dsent me Doddlebugs note cards. Thanks Natasha. Ilove them.
On another note I caught Maryn doing this with M&M's this morning. I hope this isn't a sign of early onset OCD. If you can't tell by the picture she is organizing them by colors and numbers before she eats them. I'm glad I just swept and mopped the floor otherwise I couldn't hav elet her eat off of our dirty floor.

Do your kids ever surprise you with the things you catch them doing?


Bridget said...

Banana nose? What are you talking about? :)

We went to that pizza place in Omaha. Much better than Chucky Cheese and the kids got better prizes.

Can you do lunch at Chuy's next Thur? (Spring Break week-not this week)I'll give you a call.

Cute pic of Maryn.

Angie said...

Of course I can do lunch at CHuy's on Thursday. Are you going to have your kiddos? If not I may see if I can get a sitter so we can chat, but either way is fine. Can't wait to see you!

Jill said...

Landon used to line up all his Matchbox cars when he was that age and I feared the same thing, but it was just a phase.

Put Neosporin on your zit and it will heal quickly, I promise!

Kari said...

Sounds like a productive weekend!! About the M & M's, my kids have all went through phases like that too. Right now Tyler,2, is doing it with cars - lining them up, etc...

Oh, that is a great self portrait - how did you disguise the camera?

Natasha said...

Luci freaked me out one day when she was Maryn's age - she had gotten into my wallet and sorted my $ (change) into piles of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. At 1st I was concerned she had swallowed some of the money but nope, she just wanted to sort it! I thought the categorizing/sorting thing was a girl sort of trait but after reading the comments, I guess not.

Kelly said...

As far as OCD kid stories -- we used to have a kitchen table with a marble top. There was one spot on the table that looked distinct at Emerson's spot. At every meal, she would put one piece of food on that spot of the table, and never eat it. It was so weird! It was almost like an offering or something. We couldn't figure out why she did that, and she couldn't explain it. I worried about it, but she eventually stopped. So crazy!

Anne said...

Wow, I totally eat m&m's and other colored treats like that! Well I don't line them up on the floor, but I do separate them by color before I eat them.

Janet said...

You are WAY too critical of yourself. If you think yours looked like a banana I would hate to show you the pictures I took of my self last week.

I love that Maryn is organizing the colors. Hey, that just shows that she knows the difference--I hope Luke isn't rubbing off on her. Hee hee.

Man, I wish we had a storage unit. I would love to get rid of my junk in the corners in my house. SOunds like you guys had a great weekend ;)

Andy said...

Hey! I have a Maryn too! I have never met another one. Though I have heard of some with an "e". Love your blog.

carlo said...

I love to peek in on the girls when they don't know we are watching...they come up with really interesting things, don't they? :)