Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's All GOOD

If you all haven't noticed I've been slacking in keeping up with my blog everyday, which doesn't fall into my GOOD category. I have a hard time finding time to sit down and write down my thoughts, happenings, goals, etc. So this post is just a recap of the GOOD things that have been going on this past week.

~GOOD school events

The girls look forward to their school's annual barn dance every year. We went and and two stepped, line danced, and had a fun time together. Mackenzi is starting to act like a teenager. We saw her while we were eating our BBQ dinner but after that it was Idios Mom & Dad. She hung with her friends the rest of the night. Maci danced with her friends and teacher some but still liked to be with us, especially for the chicken dance!

~GOOD visit with family

We drove home the first weekend of Spring Break and visited with our family. My dad had a fish fry and my brother, sil, sister, bil, and all of our nieces and one nephew came to my parents house. We had a fun time hanging out and talking about or upcoming disney cruise.

We went to Greg's parents house on Sunday and had am early birthday dinner for his Dad. One of his sister's and brother in law was there, along with some of his cousins. We all had a fun time and the girls loved playing with their cousins.

~GOOD flea market finds

We went to Larry's antique mall in the small town of Winnie, Texas while we were home. We really aren't antique collecters but we enjoy looking at all of the "junk" people carry from place to place trying to sell. I picked up these two things and some old cabinet doors(I have them in storage already, hence no pix) that I'm going to try to do something creative with.

~GOOD parents/grandparents

Greg & I came home on Monday night and ALL three girls stayed with my parents. They love having them over and it makes me feel so guilty to live so far away from them. They palyed, shopped, went to the movies and ate whatever junk they wanted for thwo and a half days. Greg's parent got them on Wednesday night and brought them back to us on Thursday. The girls loved visiting with their Grammy & Poppy and Nana & Papa and all of their cousins.

~GOOD mommy & daddy time
Greg & I did some spring cleaning, dejunking, and made a few trips to our local Goodwill to donate several truck loads of stuff. Greg worked a couple of days and we hung out in the evenings, went to dinner, and furniture shopping while the girls were away. It was a nice break from the kids and fun to be with each other one on one.

~GOOD spring cleaning & donations

~GOOD friends & food

Bridget & Jim came into San Antonio for a few hours on Thursday. We met up with them and they treated us to Chuy's for lunch. It was so fun to see them and their sweet kids Ryan & Alex, all while eating our favorite mexican food.

~GOOD family times

We went to Fredricksburg Texas on Friday to another little antique/flea market. We had fun but didn't find any great things.

We then headed our to Enchanted Rock to take the girls hiking. Enchanted Rock is a State Natural Area with a 500-foot-high dome of pink granite, the second largest such formation in North America. You can read more about it here.

~ GOOD time girl shopping

On St. Patty's day we ran some errands and then took the girls shopping to use some gift cards they had gotten for Christmas and for doing well on their report cards. We had fun. Well, I know us girls had fun I'm not sure Greg would call it fun!

~GOOD deed

We made the Clouse family a welcome home sign in the Phx Suns colors and hung it on their garage door. I also picked up staple groceries for them so they wouldn't have to get home and then get to the store to buy the necessities for Monday morning.

~GOOD mail

My sister in law Jessica sent me a thank you card and package with fun Easter socks, M&M's, and stickers. Bridget sent an Easter card, and a recipe exchange. I got two items of good mail from Kristi. Both were so creative of course. The first was a thinking of you card that she put in clear plastic and it was sewn closed to make the envelope. The other was a post card made from her twelve pack Diet Coke carton. She wanted me to drink some Sonic diet coke for her. So cute and fun. I also got a baby thank you card from a girl in my ward.


Kristi Brooke said...

so did you drink one for me?

Kari said...

Sounds like you've had a week of FUN!!!!

Bridget said...

So glad we made your "good" list. It was so nice to see you and Greg. I wish we could do that more often. We hope to be back in October so will you join us at Chuy's again.

I can't believe much of a giant I look like next to you. :P

Amberly said...

Perfect reflection post! Nice that you were able to see so many good things in your life, it's way too often we see the bad over the good. Thanks for putting a positive spin on your week, it sounds wonderful!

Lucy said...

Your week sounds divine. Getting together with old friends is the best! Well, right under grandparents watching kids for a few days. All your activities are tops in my book!

Janet said...

Angie-you are such a good friend to my sister-can you just move out to Arizona with them??? I would tell you that they should stay in Texas, but I really want them to move out to Arizona.

Your post is so cute and long! Good job with all of your "Goods!"

Natasha said...

Oh how I miss Enchanted Rock! We took Luci there with the Baby Jogger when she was tiny and the park rangers said the jogger would never make it - IT DID! Fun to read all your "goods!"

Stephanie said...

It sounds like you had a great week. So fun! I loved the sign for Jenny and how sweet of you to put groceries in the house for them. That is a true friend!! All of the pics look so cute of you and Greg and the girls. How fun to have a few days alone just you and Greg. Looks like you got a lot accomplished. Yeah!!

Jenny said...

We all need to go back to Enchanted Rock. That looks like fun. I am glad you had a good week. And have I said Thank you enough for all that you did for us?? Love your guts!!

Kelly A. said...

When I saw the picture of you and Greg I though "That looks like Enchanted Rock!" And when I scrolled down reading more, it indeed was!

Those are definately GOOOOOD things! Sounds like an awesome spring break, and you got to sleep in your own bed to boot!

Elizabeth said...

That is a lot of good things. One a good week!

donna said...

What great pictures! What a fun week you had:)