Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Walk Through Our Weekend

We have had a fun weekend this weekend(even in spite of Greg being on call) so I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

Friday was a typical school day for the kids. I had scheduled a visiting teaching lunch to make it easier for us wince it was so late in the month. It went pretty well but have to admit I was thinking, the whole time I was there haow I wished I was at the pumpkin patch instead. Jenny and I thought we would go on Thursday but the weather was not on our side. She mentioned going on Friday but I ha already made my VT plans.
After school, we had planned on going to the Fall Festival for the Ortho department but didn't end up making it. Greg didn't get home until 5 or so, and then Irealized Nikki (our dog) was at Pets Mart getting a haircut and need to be picled up. By the time one of us could get there to get her and then back home(rush hour traffic) it would not have been worth trying to get to the party.

We opted for plan B, and took Maci and Maryn to kid's night out at the gym we workout at. They were having a costume party, pizza, games, and movies from 6-10. It always ends up being a cheaper babysitter and we don't really have to worry much about them. Mackenzi chose to not go to the gym, instead she went with her friend, who is also named McKenzey, and her family to a high school football game. After we dropped the girls off Greg and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Tin Star before Greg had to be at his football game. I tagged along but in my own car so I could leave in time to get the girls from the gym. The game was fun, but different. He was covering a small Christian private school team, so it was a change from what I had been used to. It was really crowded because ti was Homecoming, but nothing like I remember our Homecoming being. It was chilly, well FREEZING to me. I couldn't get warm so I decided to leave a little earlier than I had planned. I stopped at Super Target to look around without children. Boy was that fun. It seems so wired to walk around browsing with no interruptions, whines, screams, "I wants"...

Saturday I went for my walk and mentioned to Jenny that I might take the girl sto Fiesta Texas since it was the last weekend they would be open until Spring Break. We ahd been promising them we would go for about a monthe but never found a Saturday that we wanted to take on this adventure. Jenny immediately said I'll go with you. Knowing Jenny all to well, I knew that wouldn't be her first choice of activities for her day. I got the girls ready to go and Jenny said Doug decided to go along since he had already gotten his studying done and his exercising in for the day. I met them there and we let the kids ride rides for about 2 1/2 hours and then it became too crowded. Mackenzi was a bit dissapointed. She is too tall for all of the kid rides and is not allowed to ride them so she has become a big fan of the big roller coasters. SHe was excited that Doug was with us so he could be her riding partner. Every ride they went to ride they were back really fast. All of the lines ended up being way to long to wait for. We get spoiled, having season passes we go so much, and any wait at all is so not worth it.

The Clouses invited us to have a late lunch early dinner with them. I called Greg and he took a study break and ended up meeting us for lunch at Stonewerks. I am always a bit skeptical to go to places with our big clan but the kids actually proved to be well behave today. After lunch/dinner we went into Target(can you tell I love this place) to return something and look around. Greg headed back to study and the girls and I stopped at Costco to look at a few things. I think everyone in SA was shopping there so the two things I wanted I left behind because the checkout lines were unbelievable.

On my way home I thought of a FABULOUS idea. I called Greg to make sure it was okay, then I called Jenny to see if she was up for closing down the mall with me. We left all of the kids with Doug for about half an hour until Greg got home, and we headed to La Cantera. Our main goal was to find Doug and Greg something for their birthdays but really wanted to look for jeans for us. The main goal was accomplished, the jeans however was a strike out. Shopping for jeans is the worsed, well besides swimsuits, but we won't go there right now.
As you can see we found the "cutest" clothes and had to get them on camera. Ha Ha Ha! Not really we found some hideous things that looked like they were from the 70's and couldn't resist trying them on. I almost wet my pants when we were trying these on and the sales girl that was helong us cam to check on us. Little did she know we were in the dressing room making fun of, what was probably her style of clothes. We left the mall with all intentions of stopping to get a treat to take home but somehow ended up at Jason's Deli eating soup and muffins. I guess our late lunch early dinner was a bit too early to satisfy our tummies all night. We had fun chatting, laughing, snorting, and being goofy. Nights like this make me feel so young and fun.

Hot Mamas!!

Church today was a bit chaotic. Greg was at the hospital in surgery so I was swingin' single witht he girls. It usually isn't that bad now since I only have to get through Sacrament Meeting with out losing it, but Maryn has been a little challenging lately(stay tuned for post on this). She just wasn't doing well with sharing colors, paper, books... and had to be taken out several times because of her EXTREMELY loud scream. I survived the hour and ten minutes, as did the girls and then I was off to take Maryn to nursery. I then made my way back to the chapel to practice for our primary program that we have in two weeks. Well, to say my class(the CTR 6's) is active is quite an understatment. They all, including Maci, are always a little strung out on what seems like a sugar high, like mothing you have ever seen before. We practiced, practiced, practiced, but still they were not getting it. This is everything they have worked on all year, that their parents long to see, and they were just not into it. After making it through almost two hours of practicing I was never so happy to get into my car with just MY 3 energizer bunnies.

We had dinner at the Clouse House for Doug's 34th birthday. They grilled yummy steaks, had baked potatoes, veggies, salad, & I made cream corn. After dinner we carved pumpkins for our FHE this week. The Dads did most of the work with help from the kids while Jenny and I caught it camera and cleaned the kitchen. Our kids love carving pumpkins and are usally begging to do more than one.

After the carving was through, we sang happy birthday, and had some sinfully sweet cake from Sam's Club. It was good but almost took a toll one me. I may have to double up on workouts a few days this week after all I have eaten this weekend.

Gordon's on left. Clouses on right.

Maryn wanted no part in the picture taking. She was too upset about
not having any "pumkin cake" yet.

We finished the night off with the kids performing their dance talents for us. It was really amusing to watch their moves, grooves, and attitudes to the beat of their favorite songs.

Greg got a phone call from a lady in our ward about one of her horses being sick so he spent about an hour trying to help find a large animal vet for her. He made the comment about bever being on call as a vet and ortho at the same time. He was so gald he could help her out and he knew just who to call to find someone to see her. After answering horse questions he got called into the ER to see a kid with some sort of knee injury, so now here I sit in a quiet house blogging about our fun weekend.

*How was your weekend?* *Do any fun things or just painful ones?*


michelle said...

Wow, sounds like a busy weekend to me! I got a kick out of you two documenting your fashion show at the mall...

ashley said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We also had a lot of fun. We went to a pumkin patch / animal park that was so great they were evening having camel rides...never seen that before. Then we also went minature golfing. We do this a lot...I am not sure that Hunter will be the next "Tiger", but ya never know...glad to see yall had a wonderful weekend! Love ya!

Amie said...

I am enjoying all of the cute pictures you have been posting. It does seem like you and Jenny can pack more into a day than the rest of us!

I am still playing catch up from our trip so nothing too exciting this weekend for us.

Jenny said...

Thank goodness for your ah ha fabo idea. That was the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend. And I think you need to go back and get that rainbow shirt. Or maybe Santa can put it in your stocking!