Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More of Maci and Our Weekend Company

Maci and her Tinkerbell cake

I was feeling guilty about not posting more of Maci's birthday and the weekend that was spent with both sets of grandparents that I decided to jump to it.

My parents drove in really early (they left their house a 4 am) Saturday morning to make it to Maci's Chuck E Cheese party. This is the first time Maci has ever had a party not at our house. We always choose to have things at our house and just grill hotdogs and ahve cake and ice cream. This always tends to be very stressful for me. I spend several days cleaning things that usually never get cleaned. I always have to make sure the yard is looking nice. I end up going to the grocery store no less than five times to get all of the supplies needed to feed 30-40 people and I'm so done by the day of the party. I never get to enjoy visiting with the family and friends that have come so far for the event becuase I'm too busy beignth hostess. Well I did things differently this year. I forked out the cash(Greg's cash) and let soemone else handle it all. I have to say it was really nice even though I still didn't get to visit much since my stress this time was if the kids that had been dropped off by their parents were safe and sound running wild through mass chaos.

Maci dancin' with Chuck E Cheese

The kids all had a fun time and Maci left with quiet the loot of gifts. It looked like Santa had visited two months early.

Greg's parents came after the party was over (Greg's Dad got off of work at the last minute) and were waiting at our house when we got home. We visited for a while and then Greg wanted to get my dad's and his dad's opinion on trucks so we spent a couple of hours test driving trucks while Grammy and Nana had the girls.
Greg and I were able to go to dinner for a late anniversary date since we had four great, loving, capable, and enthusiastic babysitters just dying to watch the girls. We pratically have ZERO qualified sitters that we know. Everyone has grown up and left and the ones that can babysit really don't care to do it, or I don't feel comfortable with them, so we just haven't gone out lately.
This isn not good. I really am one who needs a break occassionally and really get reujuvinated if I get some alone time with Greg.

Grammy & Poppy with the girls in Boerne

Sunday afternoon after church we made dinner and then took a Sunday evening drive woth my parents. We are still considering staying in San Antonio for a job and decided to drive around Boerne(pronounced Burney) where we would most liking live. We stopped off and let the girls feed the duck along the river and then drove around the Texas Hill Country(our version of the mountains). My dad was in "hog heaven" seeing all of the deer and acreage land. If is so pretty and it feels liek your not even in Texas when you are driving through hills. This is where we saw the biggest Longhorn steer I had ever seen. *SEE MY TEXAS POST*

Feeding the ducks

On Monday, I took Maci & Mackenzi lunch to school both at different times and they both eanted something different. Maci chose Chick filA and Mackenzi wanted Sonic. I later took Maci's class a cookie cake and they sang happy birthday to her. It was so fun to see her face brighten up when she was in the spotlight!

Grammy, Poppy, Papa, & Nana & the girls

What a fun weekend we had celebrating Maci and am so glad some of our family could be here for it.

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Jenny said...

I am glad you were able to get a photo with all the grandparents. Too bad you guys weren't in it with them! You should have called me!!