Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

50's style

Tonight we went with the Clouses trick or treating in our neighborhood. We do this every year and the kids always have a ton of fun. Our neighborhood isn't the greatest neighborhood to be proud of living in. There are beginning to be a ton of rent houses which means more and more houses that aren's taken care of. The usual yard work doesn't get done by most people every week(just Jenny & I are mad women about our yards), sometimes nearly a month will go by before they mow.
Well back to my point... When it comes to Halloween and trick or treating there are so many people out it is lik ewe live in a different place for one night. Most homeowners make it known that they are welcoming trick or treaters not by having their porch light on, but by pulling out their lawn chairs and sittign on their driveways, with lots of them playing scary music, flickering strobe lights, and some even dressing up, to share in the spookiness of the night.

We always some on with more than our fair share of cavity causing candy. Last year we went through the candy after the girls were in bed, picked the things WE liked, a little of what they like, and then the rest was delievered the next day to the pediatric floor at some of the hospitals Greg was working at. I'm not sure of the parents and nurses wanted the patients drugged with the extra sugar but we thought it was better than it staying here. We sure didn't need it all. I'm sure that is what we will do again tonight seeing as how much candy we came home with.

Happy Halloween!

Things about today that started with H...

Hill-morning walk and the dreaded Abe Lincoln hill
HEB-grocery shopped at HEB(forgot my list-arrgghh!)
Housework-the usual beds, laundry, dishes, sweeping...
Hot-way hot for halloween 86*
Happy-"happy" mail day (will post later)
Hair-not 1, not 2, BUT 3 girls' hair for halloween!
Haunted-scary costumes seen while trick or treating
Hide-I hid the candy I'm throwing out so the girls won't notice
Holler-I did this several times when the kids decided to not listen and ran wild through the streets while trick or treating.



Jenny said...

My favorite was the last H=holler. I did WAY too much of that too.

And I will agree it is a bit disturbing that we are the only ones on our block that care about their yard!!

michelle said...

That looks like a boatload of candy! Funny to think of people having tailgate-sounding parties on Halloween.

Jill said...

That's an insane amount of candy, but such a cool picture. Your costumes turned out so great.

I love your day as seen through the H's.