Saturday, September 09, 2006

the eyes of texas are upon you...

The guys have been waiting for the big game for over a month now. #1 Ohio State vs. #2 Texas playing in Austin. Of course they were not able to get tickets to the game(people were selling their tickets for several thousand bucks a ticket) but they were invited to go to a tailgate party given by The Orthopedic Store. It would be in Austin, near the stadium in a parking lot, with tons of fans, big screen tv's, bbq and chaos.

We all ate lunch at Chuy's before they left. All dressed, in their burnt orange shirts, they took off for their guy time. As they drove away all smiles, we were feeling a bit robbed from our fun weekend, after our rained out campout.

We didn't go to UT but Greg having been in medical school at UT Houston med school, and now being in residency at UT Health Science Center SA, we have become die hard Longhorn fans. It is so fun to root and cheer for a team that has great school spirit. On game days in Austin it is like a sea of burnt orange around town. Even in San Antonio you find your fair share of burnt orange t shirts and longhorns around. We have even joined in and have decided to wear our "hookem' horns" shirts on game days.

Greg, Doug, and Russell had a fun time at the tail gate party and were amazed at the crowds of people every where. They said the entire downtown Austin was a huge party with tens of thousands of people everywhere. There was a sale out record crowd inside the game of nearly 90 thousand, but even outside the stadium on the streets, in restaraunts, in parking lots, in cars, there were thousand upon thousands of fans.

Sad to say the Longorns lost their first game, in twenty nine games, 24-7. I told Greg they must have been bad luck but, win or lose we will still cheer for UT. Hookem' Horns!


Jenny said...

I am with you. Not a big fan of the photo. I love how you titled it. I am cracking up!

Angie said...

I hate the picture of me and of course Greg isn't looking the right way. Did you think I titled it because him? That is actually the name of the Texas fight song. I have been trying to cut and past it on my blog but it never came up whenever I did it, probably because of copyright laws.

Bridget said...

Isn't Greg the one that makes the Spurs lose everytime he goes to a game? Maybe he should just stick to watching games on TV. Just kidding! Game day in Austin is a blast, and this is coming from a die hard Cornhusker fan. :)