Monday, August 21, 2006

school's back in session!!

Today being the first day of school for my kids was a bitter sweet day. I, and them for that matter, have been going a bit crazy the last week or so, so we all were ready for the bell to ring again this morning. On the other hand, my little Maci will no longer be home with Maryn and I. Yes, she went to school last year everyday but it was only for three hours a day. She was always with me in the morning for my walk (this I will not miss, her extra weight and the weight of my REGULAR double stroller, was beginning to get to me) and she was with me to run my morning errands. I can't believe I have it will be just Maryn and I home everyday, just the two of us.

Our morning started off with a rather easy breakfast request. The girls had decided on cinnamon rolls (not the homemade kind) so I was thrilled to pop open the can and put them in the oven for 15 minutes. After they were ready, Maci decided she didn't like them and then went on to say she wasn't hungry. I forced her to eat toast knowing she would be starved before lunch came around at school. Maci has definately been the grazer this summer. I can't seem to fill her up so she has been accustomed to eating non stop, so four hours without food may be very traumatic for her.

We were pretty much ready on time without any huge issues. The only issue we had was that I couldn' t decide if I should shower and get dressed and then come home and go for my walk and then have to shower again. Or should I just put a little makeup on, wear my workout clothes to school and I wouldn't have to shower twice in two and half hours. I let the girls decide and they chose for me to just wear my workout stuff. I was relieved to see several of the moms doing the same. I have always wanted to be the "cool mom" so I didn't want to get the reputation of being "scummed out" when I shouw up at their school.

I let Mackenzi walk to her class by herself, and Maryn (backpack and all) and I walked Maci to her class. It was so cute to watch Maci go right to her class, put her stuff away and sit at her desk like she needed no help. Maryn followed suit and tried to hang her backpack on the hook next to Maci's. I thought I would have trouble getting her to leave but she just put her backpack on and headed down the hall like she had done her time. I realized I had forgotten to put Maci's towel in her backpack for restt ime so I told her I would bring it back later. She kissed me goodbye and went about being a BIG kindergartner.

I felt I needed on more picture of my 4th grader, so I headed down the 4th & 5th grade hall and was surprised to see lots of parents dropping off their older kids, snapping pictures, and even giving kisses. I think Mackenzi was glad to see me as she was all grins when I walked up. I took a couple of pictures of her & Taylor, and the other McKenzey in their class. The bell rang so I stole one last hug and smooch and Maryn and I were off for our first full day of just the TWO of us.

WOW, I can't believe I have a 4th grader and a Kindergartner. I am beginning to feel my age.

The girls are home from school now and seemed to have had a great first day. They were super hot and ran right past me wanting a drink, so my picture of the bus is an action shot.
Mackenzi said her favorite part of the day was when they watched a get to know Mr. Cuda video clip of him and his family and then she said she loved organizing her desk.
Maci's favorite part of the day was even though Nathan was the line leader she got to be first in line on the way to art. She also liked that there were several familar faces from Pre-K.


Bridget said...

How funny that Maryn had to wear her backpack. So did Alex. It was very cute!

Jenny said...

I too love the backpack! Its gonna be a sad day when they are all in school.

Jill said...

Cute photos and what a big day. It will be so fun for you and Maryn to get to hang out together every day now that the other girls will be in school all day. How fun.

Kristi Brooke said...

fun first day.

i have been laughing all day about the tattle tale comment on my blog.
still laughing right now why i am typing in fact!

Janet said...

Your girls are so cute! I remember what a big deal it was to have a "cool" or "cute" backpack for school. I love their cute backpacks!