Saturday, August 26, 2006

clouses ceepin' us company

Most of you have probably read Jenny's blog and know about thier A/C troubles the past few days. I wanted to post the one picture of our sleepover(11 people in our 1500 sq. ft. house). I was so sad I didn't get to take any more pictures but I was afraid if I took pictures of the kids sleeping I would wake one of them and then that one would probably wake someone else. Then we probably would have had a chain reaction and who wants that with seven kids in the middle of the night. After the Clouse kids finally dozed off to dream land we stayed up and chatted about life, work, future jobs... Greg and Doug sat side by side with their computers checking out the latest orthopedic sports' jobs and the details of them. We had a fun night just hanging out and am so glad we could be of some relief from their heated experience.

We had planned on going out Friday night for our last date while our babysitters, Laura and Brandon, were still in town. We weren't sure how that would pan out with the Clouses A/C problems and having to fork out quite a bit of $$$ to have it fixed. They decided Andy the A/C wasn't keeping them from going out so we kept with our plans.

My first question is... Has any service, repair, delivery guy ever shown up whent hey said they would? Javier the A/C guy had originally told Jenny he would be at her house to fix it Friday morning. We went for our morning walk and then planned on Jenny, Luke and Weston coming back to our house to hang out while the air was getting fixed. Well, around 9:30 Jenny calls and says, "What are we doing today? Javier can't come until 6:00 tonight!" My first thought was OH NO our date! She assured me Doug insisted we would still go. We decided to make a trip to the mall and return some stuff and then eat lunch. Well, we got a bit of a late start especially since the kids didn't sleep well the last night so they were grumpy before we even left. Luke fell asleep in the car almost immediately. We got to the mall did our returns, looked around briefly then grabbed the kids Chick fil A in the food court. Jenny and I decided to try the new Olive Garden near the mall for a change from our mexican food preference. There ended up being a tweny minute wait and with 3 kids ages, 3,2, & 1 that isn't a good sign. We stuck it out anyway and enjoyed our lunch but both admit it wasn't as good as it used to be or as good as Chuy's would have been.

After lunch we headed home to put the "grumpys" to bed. Greg and Doug were both on their way home at the same time and they wanted to go workout at the gym and Jenny told me to go with them. I hated to leave her home alone but she insisted so we took off. It was my second"workout" for the day so I said I wasn't going to do very much but ended up doing almost my full workout. I was exhausted and could have gone to bed when we got home. We showered and chatted with the kids about school and then the guys went to Sport Clips. They picked up pizza for the kids and the sitters, on their way home.

Laura and Brandon showed up, BUT Javier hadn't shown up to fix Andy yet. What to do? Jenny and Doug decided to leave a check and house key with Brandon so he could let Javier in the house after he got the new unit put in outside.

We made our way to Champps for dinner. We ordered or four diet cokes right away and all pretty much sucked them dry quickly. After we ate our dinner we got our traditonal Chammps dessert the MILE HIGH SUNDAE. It was super good and I was glad I had worked out twice before indulging in that. The waitress commented on how much diet coke we all consumed, but little did she know since we don't drink alcohol Diet Coke is a must have with seven kids "living together". We all had headaches as big as Texas and thougth we would be getiinga way from the tremendous noise level at home but Champps is the wrong place to be if you want a quiet enviroment. The are big screen TV's everywhere all with some sports game on. We had a fun time even with the noise.

I know I'm giving great detail to our night but...

We stopped at Marshalls and found some good deals on stationary and stuff and then went to Target. The guys were rushing us by this point so we left. We stopped by the Clouse House to check on Javier. He was still there at 10:30! We made it home to relieve the sitters from duty and think we might have convinced them that the six children they want may not be a great thing! hehehe! j/k

We have had a fun time the last couple of days having the Clouses keep us company. We are so glad we were just right down the street when they needed our help. We always have a fun time and laugh to the point where Jenny and I are snorting and almost peeing our pants. Thanks for the good times, guys.


Jenny said...

Even though we ate that last night. Just looking at it makes me hungry!!
And I just ate part of a Monster burrito from FB.

Thanks again for letting us in your private space. I know 4 extra kids makes is a little crammed in 1500 sq ft. You guys are seriously the BEST.

Nana said...

I'm sure happy the Clouse Clan had some "cool" friends down the street. The Texas heat in August is no time to have that happen. I've often said, AC out is the absolute worst with a houseful of family. Washer and dryer out, that is plum awful too. We've been both of those places. I hope all is back to normal now and all is cool in both homes.

Jill said...

That dessert looks so great. Once again I'll say you guys are so lucky to be such close friends with each others' spouses and kids. What a huge blessing.