Tuesday, July 25, 2006

kitchen's closed!

This is two, of my three sneaky eaters. Maci and Maryn searching for food after their bath and teeth brushing.
A scene I find way to often.

Do you ever feel like hanging a sign in the kitchen letting everyone know that the kitchen isn't open 24/7 like Super Walmart? I have been struggling with my girls grazing all day this whole summer. Obviously they must be bored because I'm not starving them. I make them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but find them in the fridge and pantry all day. I am torn knowing what to do. Should I just let them be, and continue to have to buy them new clothes every month? I just went through thier clothes on Saturday and many of the clothes I bought them near the end of the school year are already too small. Do I put locks on the fridge and pantry door? I have told them a million times to stay out of the kitchen but when I am in a another room or maybe taking care of my business in the bathroom they sneak in and get junk to eat. Now Maryn, only 2, is learning their bad habits. I wouldn't mind them having a snack mid morning and mid afternoon occassionally, but they always seem to find MY junk food stash. What happened to grabbing a piece of fruit or something else healthy? I guess I am going to have to quit buying all of the chips, cookies, crackers, that I love so much so they won't have anything junky to snack on.
How did they survive during the school year with just having breakfast and lunch, without all of this random eating? I'm sure some of you are thinking I have no control, if my kids are not listening and doing the total opposite of what I ask them and tell them. You're right! They don't listen. It's like I am speaking to myself and they go right on about what they want to do. I'm losing it and need some help. Should I not be worried that they love to eat more than they love to play?

*Any suggestions on how to keep normal kitchen hours?*


jess said...
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jess said...

i find they i seem to have the same problems. the kiddos are asking for food all day. they don't eat all there food at meal times cause they're "just so full" the n10 minutes later they are asking for a snack. so when you find the solution please share.

jess :-P

Jill said...

We call it grazing in our house and it makes me crazy. They want to eat go-gurt, crackers, an apple if I'm lucky, and the occasional peanut butter sandwich, but somehow never eat well at dinner time. They do pretty well at night and tend to drink lots of water, but during the day I feel like yelling "get out you treat mongers."