Saturday, July 29, 2006

happy birthday nana

We just wanted to wish Greg's Mom, aka Nana, a very happy birthday. Hopefully having to babysit our three girls will not spoil your day. Thanks for being willing and loving to kid watch whenever you can. Hope your day was full of fun, smiles, and great memories.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Karen!! Hope you have a great day. P.S. Can I borrow you as our nana to watch my kids?? You are always so nice and willing to come down what a great grandma you are!

Nana said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I can't remember when I have had a birthday filled with so much fun, smiles and wonderful memories. The girls were just darling and I had a great time. Mackenzi is becoming such a sweet, helpful young lady and big sister. Maci is so very lovable and a fun, precious little girl. Maryn is just one happy baby with a big smile and infectious giggle. How could I have had a nicer birthday? Thank you for asking me to come. I hope the girls had fun too. I know they enjoyed dancing at the Oasis and the night ride on the boat. Mackenzi pointed out the "cresent" moon. Did I mention how smart they are? How can I thank you and Greg enough for the wonderful family you have given us to enjoy. Thank you too, Jenny. Actually, I wanted to take Taylor with us Saturday, if you had been home, so we could have celebrated her birthday too. Maybe some other time.