Tuesday, June 20, 2006

toddler tuesday

Maryn, Kallee, & Kindred Today Allison and I were left with just the three toddlers at home. Jenny had Mackenzi and Maci for practically the whole day. Thanks Jenny for the break.
These three little musketeers have a ball together and can destroy a house in a matter of minutes. Not having one room set aside as a play room really stinks when it comes to toy time. There are toys from one end of the house to the other, including in the bathrooms. Kallee loves bags and purses and has packed almost every one we own with all the toys and gadgets she can find. Maryn and Kindred love to push anything with wheels, or not. Every push toy and stroller we have (and that is a bunch) are constantly rolling across the floor giving you a major headache! They are going nonstop from the moment their eyes are open and that's pretty early in the morning thanks to Kallee! She wakes up before everyone and the has to be everyone else's alarm clock. They have been having fun and giggling and smiling most of the time. We have only had a few little spats between them. It was a fun day with just the toddlers around.


Jenny said...

Hey the kids did great and it kept mine out of my hair. I did it because I wanted to and don't think for a minute I need the return. I know how you are so don't feel like you owe me or anything. Because you DON'T!! I really love having your girls over anytime.

I know how it is dragging out everything. Weston is currently driving me crazy with this new passion of getting into anything and everything.

Nana said...

Those are some darling babies. I know you and Allison are having a great time. Having just the little ones is always fun. Watching them play without the big kids is really neat. Have a great week.