Thursday, June 08, 2006

san antonio scorcher

Today was another scorcher in Texas with temperatures hitting 100+ degrees. I think it is only June 8th, am I right? Usually we have hot days like today but not this early on in the summer. What are we in for in August? As you can see I took a picture of my dash board (ignore my speed) when I realized it was 100*.

We braved the heat and eight kids and made our weekly trip to Fiesta Texas. In summers past we were known to make this adventure several time a week, but now that we have so many kids in tow, especially ones that can barely walk, we have cut down our trips considerably. It is very nerve racking to enjoy yourself, make sure your older ones are having fun, while saving the babies from drowning. It is quite stressful. We did have a fun time, considering the heat and lifesaving, and whining we indured, and we even caught a few rays while we were there.


Nana said...

What wonderful memories you are making for the girls and for you. Thank you for all you do. I know it isn't easy but you know it is so worth it. Keep having fun. I'm glad you and Jenny have each other and the children are such good friends. It certainly makes it much more fun to have company with all the chaos. You are all a blessing in our lives. Stay safe.

Jenny said...

You are too funny to take a picture of the temperature in your car! It was definately a scorcher. It felt at least that hot when we walked this morning. I think the kids did pretty well considering yesterday. For the most part they were all really good.

Angie said...

I definately am obsessed with the "having my camera with me at ALL times" thing. It is crazy that I can look down and see something to blog about and reach down and grab the camera. I rarely leave home without it!! Am I crazy?