Thursday, June 22, 2006

confessions of an addict

my CHOCOLATE stash
my best friend, CAFFEINE, on most days
I am ALMOST embarrassed to divulge this secret to strangers. Those who know me, already know this deep dark secret about me. After my last post,( I don't even know if I posted it right or not) I decided to "come out" and let everyone know the real me. I am absolutely, totally, without a doubt, addicted to chocolate, and diet coke and diet dr. pepper. On most days, I only consume chocolate, diet sodas, and wheat thins(didn't take a picture of these), during the day. I always feel like there isn't enough time to sit and have a real meal, unless I am out to lunch. It is easier to just snack on junk all day until dinner time. I always am starving by about 430 or 500, that I just start shoveling in anything I can get my hands on. Then I way over eat during dinner, to the point where I am almost sick.
Why can't I learn that this doesn't work very well? I am always feeling ill during the day and that could be from all of the junk intake or sometimes when I haven't had a lot of sugar I think my blood sugar gets too low. Of course I think that is an excuse, so I OVERDOSE on sugar.
I have tried different strategies with my "problem" but have come to the conclusion that I love diet sodas and chocolate TOO much to change.

*Does anyone have any secret confessions they wish to divulge?*


jess said...

i hope this doesn't mean you'rer taking away the candy cabinet. we look forward to it on each visit . . . LOL


Angie said...

Not a chance! I actually just restocked it after my last trip to Target.

Bridget said...

I will now have to take a picture of my Diet Coke stash in the garage to make you feel better. My addiction is a tad embarrassing, but I guess it could be worse. I always felt so "normal" around you, Jenny and Steph, but not so much now because nobody around here drinks DC like we do. :)

Jenny said...

Dude--I know where I am coming when I run out of chocolate. No wonder my kids always want to go to the Gordon's.

That is too funny that we posted something so similar..great minds think alike! Hey and I can't click on your post before--what was it?

Janet said...

If I had a choice-my diet would consist of your top picture (chocolate). I wish candy was healthy. I don't like to eat big meals and I am in heaven when I am eating chocolate. Don't feel bad-I am right there with you-I just try to avoid eating all of it by not buying it; then, I go to work and people bring it to us and I just eat it there. I am happy to say that I don't drink soda-I eat enough candy to make up for it!