Thursday, June 29, 2006

birthday girl

Mackenzi Ann

Our first little girl is gowing up way too fast. Today she is turning 9! I can't believe it has been that long since my water broke and I rushed off to the hospital to finally meet our little baby. We didn't know if we were going to be bringing home a son or daughter. I always had hoped for a girl but had no clue until she was born at 12:35 a.m. on June 29, 1997. We were so full of excitement, joy, love, fear, anxiety ... Becoming parents was our dream, but admit we both were a little frightened when it came down to meeting our first child. Would we be the kind of parents we had hoped to be, would we teach her the things she needed to know to survive in the world, would she love us as much as we loved her.
How blessed our lives and home have been since the day Mackenzi Ann Gordon was born. She is truly a joy to have as a daughter. How grateful we are for her and for the beautiful young lady she is becoming.
Here are some of our favorite things about her that make her who she is and what makes us so proud to call her ours and some of the reasons we love her so much......

*our first born
*blue eyed beauty
*Kenzi bug
*our princess with a beautiful smile
*med school and residency SURVIVOR(just six weeks old when we began this journey)
*daddy's girl
*mileage Mackenzi(she traveled more in a car her first
few years of life than I had in my whole childhood)
*good friend to everyone
*mini mommy
*our screamer that turned into a very quiet and reserved little girl
*"helper" "builder" "cooker"
*softhearted and compassionate
*my shopping partner
*our booger bear
*star student(straight "A's" so far)
*olympic bound swimmer
*spiritual and always striving to choose the right
*kind and understanding
*our little performer
*drama queen
*book lover
*our earliest walker & talker
*soon to be babysitter
*inquizative child
*the one that would rather hang out with the adults(she was the only kid for so long amongst our friends and family) she knew no different
*our sweetheart
*our priceless treasure


Jenny said...

I think she still likes to hang out with the adults and definitely a great giggler! I love to hear her and Taylor laugh. It makes me laugh. Happy Birthday Kenzi!! Taylor wouldn't know what to do without you.

Jill said...

She sounds like a classic first born child. It's sweet of you to write all of that about her. Are you freaked out that you have a 9 year old? I'm freaked out that I have an almost 8 year old.

Art said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACKENZI !!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great birthday we love ya Art,Jessica,Caleb,and Baileigh.

Nana said...

Happy Birthday again to our sweet Mackenzi!! You are ALL those things Mommy said, we love you so much. You really make us proud. Hope you had a great time last night with your friends. I am so glad we were able enjoy time with you and have so much fun while Mommy was at the Temple. I wish I was there more often to spend time with you all. You were both great at swim team practice, it was yummy at Jim's for breakfast, funny at the Garfield Movie and don't forget Petco. We will do something again when we come back in a couple weeks. You girls are great fun and a real tribute to the wonderful mommy and daddy you have. Hug each other for us. We love you all. Happy 9th Birthday again!!!

Jenny said...

I love that picture. Such a ham!