Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Where I'm From

"If you don't know where you're from, you'll have

a hard time saying where you're going."

by Wendell Berry

Where I’m From

I am from the piney woods, of the Car Tradin’ Capital of
SE Texas and home of the Fightin’ Silsbee Tigers.
I am from the quiet and comfortable, with wood paneling walls and smell of Magnolia flowers. From the smells of afternoon thunderstorms and wet pine needles, and I am from 100% humidity.
I am from dogwood, sweetgum, and pine trees, azaleas, buttercups, and bluebonnets, from alligators, armadillos, treefrogs,
Longhorns, mockingbirds, and tons of mosquitos.
I am from Christmas Eve spent with cousins, from
ham sandwiches for breakfast on Christmas morning and sleepovers on Friday nights with Nanaw and Papa and both blue and hazel eyes and natural curls from Ruggles and Hokes, and from Rawls and Jenkins.
I am from extremely shy, quiet and tender, from quick to laugh but from more quick to cry.
I am from drinking Dr. Pepper and watching Dukes of Hazzard at 7 o’clock on Friday night.
From “always remember who you are” and “don’t let the bed bugs bite”.
I am from a church that focuses on Eternal Families and Young Women Values and “Saturday is a Special Day”, and from a church that as kids we sing about "Popcorn Popping On Apricot Trees" and someday going inside Temples. I am from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I am from a place where everything's BIGGER, I'm from The Lonestar State, from Hurricane Rita’s ravaged Beaumont, from the home town of Tracy Byrd and Clay Walker and many other cowboys, and from part of The Golden Triangle.
I am from chicken and dumplings and homemade chili.
From the fishing stories of Papa and Daddy and the 52 pound catfish, that is still hard to believe was caught in the waters of “Dam B”.
I am from boxes and boxes of pictures most were of color but some of black and white, from themed tablecloths, and from what some would call trash but to us are our family treasures.

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Jenny said...

Your poem is great and explains everything you would want to know about Silsbee for those who don't know anything about it. I thought it was awesome!

becki said...

Ang-this was wonderful! I actually got a little teary. It describes you, your family & your tiny little town perfectly! love you-b

Kristi Brooke said...

i love it. you did a great job. was this not such a fun project!

Jill said...

Beautiful poem, so descriptive and vivid.

Heidi said...


So, I after some hasseling from Jenny, I just got around to seeing your blog site! It is pretty cool! I love to see what you guys are up to. You are such a great family and your all the pictures are beautiful. Hope to see you up around Dallas next year! We would have too much fun!